Toddlerhood really is both the best and worst of times. Here are over 10 tips on parenting through difficult toddler behaviour that are centred in positive, empathetic parenting

10+ Effective Strategies to Mitigate Difficult Toddler Behaviour

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When you’re faced with difficult toddler behaviour, it can be painful. You simply want to move forward with your day, yet your child is digging in his heals or throwing a tantrum. Find positive parenting tips that will mitigate meltdowns and willfulness.   I remember when I really thought difficult toddlers were really in the eye of the […]

Find awesome rainy day toddler activities. These simple kids activities are fun and wonderful for play-based learning.

Rainy Day Toddler Activities for Those Days You’re Stuck Inside

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Just because the weather is bad, doesn’t mean kids won’t get bored. Here are countless rainy day toddler activities for the day you’re stuck inside.   I’ve made the mistake more times than I’d really like to admit.   The weather is coming down in buckets, and/ or my kids have colds, and somehow I think, “It’s […]

6 Ways To Promote Language Development In Toddlers

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Worried about your child’s language development? Here are 6 ways to promote language development in toddlers based on research and expert advice!   The silence from my son from infancy through to after his first birthday was deafening.   My daughter is only fifteen months older than he is. As a result, I had just […]

Facilitate play-based learning at home or in your classroom with these wonderful resources. Includes tips on how to build on your child's play, why play-based learning and sensory play are important, and loads of simple kids activities to promote learning through play!

11 Things Your Child’s School Principal Wants You To Know

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What would your child’s school principal tell you if they could say anything? Read 11 insights from a school principal with over 40 years experience below.   I just sent my first-born to preschool!  In wanting to set her up for success, I’m leaning into my mom’s wealth of educational knowledge more than ever before. […]

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Upcycle That Broken Down Box Of Chalk

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With each new season comes new clothes (or at least clothes that feel new again), new milestones, events like back to school, holidays, or much-anticipated vacations. Although I love living these moments with my kids and getting in on the excitement, I hate either the waste or the packing up of half-used things. It always […]

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Pinterest Tips: How To Get More Re-Pins & Therefore More Traffic

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POST UPDATE: I wrote this post during September 2015. Since writing this post and employing these strategies, my blog’s page views have increased by over 600%. Here are my best Pinterest Tips for getting a lot more traffic to your site. I have included affiliate links for your convenience. Also, I am recommending them because these […]

Three Display-Worthy Kid Keepsakes

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Back to School is a time we are particularly aware that our kids are growing up. Whether your child is starting preschool, kindergarten, or high school, it’s hard not to have feelings of “Where did the time go?” and “How is my child so big already?” With my daughter off to school for the first […]

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10 Dos and Don’ts For A Successful Start To Kindergarten

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What should you do to prepare your child for a successful start to kindergarten? What should they know? Find all the info from a former principal & teacher.   My “big girl” is starting school next week.   We have gone to her school and met some of the teachers, the principal, and done a […]

A Teacher’s Guide For #BacktoSchool: 5 Tips To Start The Year Off Right

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by: Tiffany Austin A collective sigh can often be heard that first day of school, when kids come flooding back in the doors and parents are relieved that someone else is in charge of their kids during the week again. You did it! You survived the summer! For some kids and parents though, it’s not all […]