Take your DIY cardboard dollhouse to the next level by making a spiral staircase, cardboard furniture, and more

Take Your DIY Cardboard Dollhouse To the Next Level

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  With Christmas around the corner, there are sure to be ample boxes around to take advantage of. Yes, the toys are the driving force behind all the excitement, but boxes represent such possibility for me. Once we start on a DIY cardboard dollhouse or castle, the project really ends up being a gift that keeps […]

DIY Distressed Frames, Shelves, and Furniture

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When we were newly married, we got ready to say goodbye to the bachelor apartment of my singledom. Soon after our wedding day, we found a gorgeous remodelled suite. It was nestled into a dense evergreen forest with a path that came straight from our building’s entrance to a river that followed us all the way to […]

Ideas using chalk markers

Why Chalkola Markers Are Our New Favourite Product

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This post was originally about Chalkola Markers. However, the management team at Chalkola Markers has proved to be highly unreliable. They have left many customers without returned emails and reviewers with compensation. Because the photos have done well on Pinterest, I wanted to leave them as a source of ideas. Moreover, there are many equally […]

I love the Holidays. And while I want to recreate and build on the memories of my childhood, I also want to enjoy Thanksgiving and Christmas. With the help of my mom, my experience, and other Mommy Bloggers out there, I have complied 15+ Hacks, Tips, and Tricks to Make Thanksgiving easier

Thanksgiving Hacks, Tips, Tricks, and Recipes

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  Thanksgiving and the Holiday Season evoke such a sense of nostalgia. Unlike Chandler Bing, I was fortunate enough to have a childhood with wonderful memories of family and good food. Though I want to recreate the memories of my childhood, the idea of cooking a feast with a two and three-year-old “helping” is enough […]

Easy, 3 Ingredient Candy Birds’ Nests

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While I hate to rub it in to any East Coasters, but it would appear that Winter has subsided and warmer weather has arrived early on the West Coast (of North America, that is). We’ve hit a really nice stretch of sunshine and jacket-optional weather. Buds are on the trees, flowers are up, and I’ve […]

Before & After: Rubbermaid Easy Find Lids Review

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Since September, I’ve transitioned from being a stay-at-home mom who barely left the house without my kids, to a student in Yoga Teacher Training to a part-time working mom. For the first few months, I struggled leaving my kids, even when they were fine. Now I’ve settled into a better rhythm. It helps that I […]