Positive Parenting Strategies

Find worthwhile information and articles on positive parenting strategies here. They are simple reads and tips backed by research for parenting young children.


It should come as no surprise positive parenting strategies are the backbone of Parenting from the Heart. I became a positive parenting advocate largely because of the historic parenting of my family. My grandparents always said, “Don’t let the baby cry.” What reinforced it all was going to school and studying Developmental Psychology.


Positive parenting is referred to by many names. You may know it as attachment parenting, positive discipline, or empathetic parenting. The essence of positive parenting is that it is rooted in mutual respect, love and empathy. This does not mean in any way that positive parenting is permissive parenting. In fact, it is the happy medium between authoritarian parenting that relies on strict, harsh punishment and permissive parenting which does not set or follow through on rules and standards.

What is positive parenting and what are some of the best positive parenting strategies. Click here to learn why positive parenting and some of the best tips to positively discipline your child. Attachment parenting. parenting toddlers, parenting preschoolers


So What Does Research Say? Why Positive Parenting Strategies Above All Else?

  • They work,
  • are backed by decades of research,
  • maintain trust between the parent and child,
  • don’t use punishment,
  • increase moral reasoning,
  • and, so much more.


The Best Positive Parenting Posts on Parenting from the Heart



  • Help calm down an angry child with these positive parenting strategies
    July 20, 2017
    Calm an Angry Child: Positive Parenting Strategies That Work!
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  • A strong-willed child is both an incredible gift and an incredible challenge. Namely, getting a strong-willed child to cooperate is no easy feat. Find excellent positive parenting strategies to diminish power struggles and get your strong-willed child to listen and listen well. Parenting from the Heart
    July 3, 2017
    Get Your Strong-Willed Child To Cooperate With These Strategies
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  • Society has unrealistic expectations when it comes to baby sleep. These helpful and easy tips will help gently coach your baby to sleep without the cry it out method or controlled crying. Tips are rooted in positive parenting/ attachment parenting and are research based.
    June 27, 2017
    Baby Sleep: Why sleep training might not work & what to do instead
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  • Stop yelling at your kids with this SIMPLE and effective strategy. Rooted in positive parenting, this tip stopped me from yelling at my kids and has helped calm our household greatly.
    June 15, 2017
    Stop Yelling at your Kids with One Simple Trick
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  • Time in time out and a mistake you might be making and want to avoid. This positive parenting strategy is simple and effective.
    June 6, 2017
    Time In/ Time Out: One mistake you might be making
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  • The One Strategy That Turns Tyrannical Behaviour Around
    June 2, 2017
    Positive Discipline: The Best Strategy to Turn Bad Behaviour Around
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  • Are you nervous about introducing a bottle to your breastfed baby? I certainly was. Find out what makes for the best baby bottles as well as how to successfully introduce a bottle to an exclusively breastfed baby. These tips are helpful, straight forward and easy to follow. #ad
    May 17, 2017
    Best Baby Bottles: A guide for the nervous mama
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  • Kids not listening? These two helpful strategies are great tips on how to get your kids to listen. Great positive parenting strategies for parents with young kids, toddlers, and preschoolers.
    May 3, 2017
    Your Kids Will Listen If You Do THIS
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  • The number one baby sleep tip you need to know. Sleeping after just having a baby is disjointed at best, great sleep strategies for your infants including products that will sooth your child and increase the likelihood of sleep. Cetaphil baby #ad
    April 26, 2017
    Baby Sleep: The number one tip you need to know
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  • Spring clean with your kids, encourage your kids to clean up and get rid of toys using these great tips. Minimizing toys, donate toys, parenting
    April 20, 2017
    Get your Kids to Clean Up & Get Rid of Toys
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  • Raising spirited children is involved, dynamic, and difficult. They are also a source of immense pride and have been shown to have greater successes later in life than their non-spirited counterparts. Find incredible resources on how to successfully raise strong-willed kids here.
    April 4, 2017
    Insights & Strategies for Raising Strong-Willed Children
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  • new moms postpartum advice parenting tips
    March 30, 2017
    One Thing Every New Mom Needs to Know
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  • Boys love full-contact rough-and-tumble play. It may seem unruly but boys need to roughhouse. Here's why.
    March 7, 2017
    Why Boys Need to Roughhouse
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  • Positive Parenting discipline or Positive Parenting disciplinary techniques are incredibly effective, rooted in research, and maintain the trust between parent and child. Find some of the best positive parenting strategies here. Gentle parenting, attachment parenting. Parenting toddlers, parenting young kids. Authoritarian parenting.
    January 25, 2017
    Best Positive Parenting Discipline Techniques
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