Positive Parenting Strategies

It should come as no surprise positive parenting strategies are the backbone of Parenting from the Heart. I became a positive parenting advocate largely because of the historic parenting of my family. My grandparents always said, “Don’t let the baby cry.” What reinforced it all was going to school and studying Developmental Psychology.

Positive parenting is referred to by many names. You may know it as attachment parenting, positive discipline, or empathetic parenting. The essence of positive parenting is that it is rooted in mutual respect, love and empathy. This does not mean in any way that positive parenting is permissive parenting. In fact, it is the happy medium between authoritarian parenting that relies on strict, harsh punishment and permissive parenting which does not set or follow through on rules and standards.

What is positive parenting and what are some of the best positive parenting strategies. Click here to learn why positive parenting and some of the best tips to positively discipline your child. Attachment parenting. parenting toddlers, parenting preschoolers


So What Does Research Say? Why Positive Parenting Strategies Above All Else?

  • They work,
  • are backed by decades of research,
  • maintain trust between the parent and child,
  • don’t use punishment,
  • increase moral reasoning,
  • and, so much more.


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