When should you be limiting screen time. What are the signs you and your child are engaging in too much screen time and what can you do about it. What are the consequences of too much screen time in kids? Find screen-free activities, what research says about screen time and more!

Limiting Screen Time: When it’s time to cut back & what to do

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Limiting screen time is essential today. We get engrossed and so do our kids. Find simple ways to reduce screen time in your family that keeps everyone happy.   The first order of business this New Year is to limit my screen time and that of my kids. Let me paint you a picture of […]

10+ Ways To Be More Present Parenting Every Day

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We’re on the Autobahn of information and response times. The turn around on correspondence is seemingly instant. Social media is chalked full of what I want NOW. The majority of my entertainment is held in my back pocket or in my purse on a daily basis. My phone is the first thing I check before putting […]

I ebb and flow through social media and phone addiction. It used to be this overwhelming urge not to miss out and to stay connected that had a hold on me. Now, I want to have it on hand to stay in contact with my husband throughout his work day and to capture stills of my kids' play.

Presently and Pleasantly Unplugged

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If you’re visiting Parenting from the Heart for the first time, click here to see my Readers’ Favourite Posts.  “Let’s wait outside for Papa,” I urged the kids wanting to get them outside. We bunkered down on the front porch and waited. No Papa. As the gray clouds rolled in, my daughter gulped back my […]