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  When I began blogging, I started under a different name and with a very soft vision. Healthy Family Simple Budget was conceived with the idea that I would write about the different activities, recipes, and parenting two under two. I love to write, missed university, and felt that part of my brain wasn’t being exercised. […]

Fit is The New Thin

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When I started blogging, I never would have guessed the impact other Mommy Bloggers would have on my life. Especial standouts are the authors of Mama By Fire, Wading Through Motherhood, and Three Boys and a Mom. The latter of the three is a blog that moves its readers time and time again. The author, Rachael, […]

Liebster Award

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Thank you to Mama by Fire for nominating me for a Liebster Award, a way for bloggers with under 200 followers to get some recognition, a greater audience, and be celebrated 🙂 The blogs I’m nominating are: 1) MomLife Now: a blog that so wonderfully captures and expresses the beauty of motherhood 2) The Cheerio Diaries: a new mom’s […]