Get your toddlers and preschoolers ready FASTER with this coat hack meant for young kids! Even my two-year-old can do it. Super Easy Coat Hack for Young Kids

Super Easy Coat Hack for Young Kids

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This is likely going to be my quickest post ever. But, hey! I thought it was worth sharing nonetheless! My preschooler (age three) came home referring to “Monteau Magic” (she attends francophone preschool because my husband only speaks french to our kids) and suddenly could put on her jacket without any help. She still needs […]

When life gets hard, it is easy to fall into a trap of seeing what life is lacking. Here are 8 ways to promote gratitude with a link-up to other bloggers

8 Ways To Promote Gratitude When Life Isn’t Easy

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  Sadness creeps in from time-to-time. Leaving home and moving to Eastern Canada has left me yearning for the mountains, for the pounding, unrelenting rain, for familiarity, family, and friends. I miss the essence of the west coast. Namely, I miss moist air, water, and mountains on the margins of everywhere we went. I miss […]

You Want to be a More Positive Parent, This is Where to Start

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It should come as no surprise positive parenting strategies are the backbone of Parenting from the Heart. I became a positive parenting advocate largely because of the historic parenting of my family. My grandparents always said, “Don’t let the baby cry.” What reinforced it all was going to school and studying Developmental Psychology.   Positive […]

The idea of having two under two may have you nervous, scared or worried. These 10+ tips for Parenting two under two are meant to put your mind at ease and help get you prepared!

Planning for and Parenting Two Under Two

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The idea of having two under two may have you nervous, scared or worried. These incredible strategies will help with planning for and parenting two under two.   It is one of those “as if it was yesterday” moments. I remember it so vividly.   I was cleaning our master bathroom, wearing a tank top I […]