Are you nervous about introducing a bottle to your breastfed baby? I certainly was. Find out what makes for the best baby bottles as well as how to successfully introduce a bottle to an exclusively breastfed baby. These tips are helpful, straight forward and easy to follow. #ad

Best Baby Bottles: A guide for the nervous mama

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Nervous about introducing a breastfed baby a bottle? Find out best tips for successfully bottle feeding a breastfed baby as well as the best baby bottles to use…   “The World Health Organization recommends you breastfeed your baby until two years or beyond,” our breastfeeding course instructor informed us. Had I been drinking something, I would […]

Reversed Drishti

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I was sitting in my psychiatrist’s office. My family doctor had referred me to her when I was pregnant with my daughter as I was at-risk for postpartum depression, but that’s an aside. “How is your self-care?” she asked, as I attempted to keep my daughter from grabbing the keyboard from the computer desk while, […]

The Paradox of Mental Health

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Since starting my blog, this has been my longest hiatus from posting. Recently, one of my family members I love the most got quite sick. The pinnacle of resilience, positivity and perspective, I knew quickly how unwell he was as he leaned into me inconsolably describing how he had almost killed himself and planned to […]