The One Strategy That Turns Tyrannical Behaviour Around

Positive Discipline: The Best Strategy to Turn Bad Behaviour Around

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When your child’s bad behaviour just won’t turn around, this positive discipline technique is incredibly effective. Find out what to do and how it works below.    It wasn’t a long road trip and I felt like I had prepared so well.    I had taken my kids to the playground before we left.   […]

Promote early literacy and play-based learning with this fishing sight word sensory bin. Perfect for early childhood education, sensory play, developing fine motor skills, hand eye coordination, letter recognition, learning the alphabet and more.

Fishing Sight Word Sensory Bin

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Currently, I’m between a rock and a hard place when it comes to my daughter’s interests, education, and stubbornness. She is very interested in early literacy. She wants to spell, write, and sound words out. However, fine motor skills are not her forte. So, we start off with an activity. I get creative. She gets […]

Sure there aren't any kids that listen all the time, but I would go so far to say my kids aren't obedient. There are two big reasons why I'm more than okay with kids not being obedient. Find out why by clicking here. Positive parenting, gentle parenting, empathetic parenting, authoritarian versus authoritative parenting, moral reasoning critical thinking. Parenting toddlers and preschoolers.

My Kids Aren’t Obedient and That’s Okay

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My kids aren’t obedient because I don’t expect them to be. And there’s good reason for this. Find out why obedient kids should not be a goal of parenting.   As we entered into my OB-GYN’s office, we may as well have been a three-ringed-circus.   At eight months pregnant, I was so big my […]

Teach your kids about the Olympics and make your backyard into a whole lot of fun with these simple Olympic Activities for Preschoolers!

Simple Olympic Activities for Preschoolers

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Make your backyard extra fun while teaching your children about the Olympics with these super simple Olympic Activities for Preschoolers!   This summer marks the first time my kids are old enough to learn about the Olympics.   And I’m especially excited!   During the 2010 Winter Games, I met my husband. Of course, I […]

Parenting a spirited child best strategies

Best Strategies for Parenting a Spirited Child

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Parenting a spirited child is a very involved, dynamic, & rewarding process. Find positive parenting strategies to parent your spirited child here.   There are times where I wonder if my two kids are trying to reenact a scene from Lord of the Flies.   Really.   In our household, something as simple as changing […]

50+ Ideas to Improve Printing Without Writing

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Want to work on your child’s printing and fine motor skills for hand-writing? Below you will find play-based learning ideas to improve printing without writing. I remember those printing books from elementary school with each letter written solidly, then in an almost connect-the-dots form, and then with room for us to try copy the character […]

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5 Tips For Parenting a Strong-Willed, Sensitive Child

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Parenting a strong-willed, sensitive child is challenging. We want to preserve their spirit while effectively parenting them. Find tangible tips here.   My little girl is undoubtedly all of what I could have dreamt up in a child and more. A dynamic, inquisitive, strong-willed, sensitive child, she is anything but placid. In her preschool classroom, she […]

Get your toddlers and preschoolers ready FASTER with this coat hack meant for young kids! Even my two-year-old can do it. Super Easy Coat Hack for Young Kids

Super Easy Coat Hack for Young Kids

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This is likely going to be my quickest post ever. But, hey! I thought it was worth sharing nonetheless! My preschooler (age three) came home referring to “Monteau Magic” (she attends francophone preschool because my husband only speaks french to our kids) and suddenly could put on her jacket without any help. She still needs […]

Easy, DIY toddler friendly, airplane bowling craft. PERFECT for an airplane birthday party, indoor play during the winter, or for the backyard during summer time.

DIY Airplane Bowling Pins

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DIY Airplane Bowling Pins WHAT to use 5 Perrier bottles stripped of their labels (any empty plastic bottle will work well) Blue and white acrylic paint Paint brushes Wine cork Cardboard Ruler Pencil Lacquer (optional) Rice/ lentils/ water to keep bottles from toppling over easily Ball of your choice What to Do If you’re using clear bottles then, you […]