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BEST Books for a Spirited Child & Their Parents too!

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This post contains affiliate links. The price you pay on Amazon is the same, however I get a very small commission.    Toddlerhood is a ‘spirited’ time to say the least. Kids’ desire to do things by themselves and demonstrate their will can become the forefront of everything. That said, there are some kids that […]

I love kids books a little too much. Of our favourites these 7 books are stand-outs because of the additional fun, life lessons, or learning that comes with them.

7 Of The Best Kids Books With More Than Meets The Eye

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In general, I consider myself to be frugal. I like finding the best deal without compromising quality too much. I compare price per unit at different places. I pass up the opportunity to get myself things without a second thought. Where I have to exercise incredible self-restraint is in the kids’ section of my favourite […]

6 Ways To Promote Language Development In Toddlers

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Worried about your child’s language development? Here are 6 ways to promote language development in toddlers based on research and expert advice!   The silence from my son from infancy through to after his first birthday was deafening.   My daughter is only fifteen months older than he is. As a result, I had just […]

A Look At A Child Through The Eyes Of A Tutor

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I was born into a family of teachers – my maternal great-grandfather, grandfather, aunt, uncle, and mom were teachers. My aunt, uncle, and mom eventually became school principals and later professors at local universities. As a result, the environment in which I grew up was rich with both natural and structured learning. When it came […]