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In the Heat of the Moment, This Simple Action Will Empower Your Child

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Find out why social stories are an incredible tool for parenting young children. Find examples and a formula. Perfect for positive discipline.   In the space of a couple of weeks, my five-year-old’s behaviour went from thoughtful and kind to unmanageably difficult. I’m used to a girl who, when I ask for help, leaps up […]

Toddlerhood really is both the best and worst of times. Here are over 10 tips on parenting through difficult toddler behaviour that are centred in positive, empathetic parenting

10+ Effective Strategies to Mitigate Difficult Toddler Behaviour

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When you’re faced with difficult toddler behaviour, it can be painful. You simply want to move forward with your day, yet your child is digging in his heals or throwing a tantrum. Find positive parenting tips that will mitigate meltdowns and willfulness.   I remember when I really thought difficult toddlers were really in the eye of the […]

Because I was fiercely independent as a child myself, I mistakenly thought I was parenting my strong-willed independent child exactly as she should be. But I was wrong.

The Mistake I’ve Made Parenting My Strong-Willed, Independent Child

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Because I was a strong-willed, independent child myself, I thought I was parenting my strong-willed child right. Here’s what I learned was doing wrong.   For 8 months now, I’ve been parenting a two-year-old and a three-year-old. Two under two has nothing on the phase of “No! I do it by myself.” And all the […]

Leaving the house with toddlers verges on my undoing on the best of days. This day in particular, I was under siege.

Leaving the House With Toddlers And The Demise Of Punctuality

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  It always starts with the best-laid plans. It really does. The morning marked a fresh start. The prospect of getting out of the house was promising. We were meeting at a friend’s who just had a baby. One girlfriend was bringing Starbucks. I had offered to bring lunch. All we had to do was […]

Parenting from the Heart

Falling In Love With My Son All Over Again

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If you’re visiting Parenting from the Heart for the first time, click here to see my Readers’ Favourite Posts. I don’t remember too much from the early months of my son’s life. I had an almost 15 month-old daughter the day he was born. My husband and I hadn’t even celebrated our second wedding anniversary. […]