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Anything I do, I do with incredible heart and enthusiasm. Naturally, my blog was born out of my passion for parenting my two young children. On Parenting from the Heart, I share products, ideas, and strategies I truly believe in.


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Since starting my blog, I have been committed to creating an inviting, relevant, and engaging content. I engage with my readers regularly and in an inviting manner. For these reasons, I have seen consistent growth across social media channels and in terms of my viewership.

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Features and Accolades

I currently write for Nature’s EnviroKidz Blog and have been a contracted writer for The CMR. Additionally, I have been featured on sites including the Huffington Post, Scary Mommy, Mamalode, Mamapedia, and the Youshare Project.


Parenting from the Heart

Furthermore, I am listed as one of Vancouver Moms’ Top 30 Bloggers and Top Mommy Blog’s Top 50 bloggers for over a year (votes are tallied monthly).
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Finally I was also a best-selling author on Amazon for the book I co-authored, The Undeniable Power of Play.


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A partnership with Parenting from the Heart offers engagement with my interactive community thanks to exemplary coverage of your brand. You may choose from sponsored guest posts, social media coverage, giveaways, reviews, or a combination of the above. Prices start at $100 USD.


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