Tired of getting a low facebook reach? Here are countless strategies to grow your facebook business page, increase your reach, and ACTUALLY enjoy your facebook page again!

Turn Your Low Facebook Reach Around

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Thanks to how incredibly supportive and inviting the blogging community is, I’m a part of more facebook groups than I can count. We share each others posts, offer support, advice, and vent. And while these groups are such a friendly place to interact and gain insight, there isn’t a day that goes by where I scroll my feed and don’t see someone complaining about their terribly low facebook reach. Now I don’t blame them, facebook is a fickle, fickle beast. You see, facebook doesn’t want to push content into people’s newsfeed that they don’t anticipate readers will find entertaining. So even though a business page may have 10,000 fans (or likes), their posts can end up in the newsfeeds of less than 10 people. While I don’t even kind of blame people for banging their heads up against their computers when this happens, I also want to yell at tell everyone to just stop. No matter what happens with facebook’s algorithms, I think a good reach is always attainable. Now, I’m no facebook expert. I like to read up or listen to podcasts, broadcasts, and videos on facebook from time-to-time and have also developed my own feel. Though my facebook page is hardly a measure of success, I do consistently have a reach of 500% – 1000% the number of those who like my page. Below are some of my best strategies for staying sane when your facebook reach is low and how to turn it around.

What To Do About Your Low Facebook Reach

Tired of getting a low facebook reach? Here are countless strategies to grow your facebook business page, increase your reach, and ACTUALLY enjoy your facebook page again!

STOP measuring your facebook success or failure based on the reach of one post. The low facebook reach of one post is inconsequential. Here’s why. First, there’s a lot you can do about the low reach of one post. Secondly, and here’s the cliche, it’s a marathon, not a sprint. You will feel so much better if you look at your reach as an average for the week and not as individual successes and failures.

Become one with your facebook insights. Your facebook insights contain invaluable information about what works and doesn’t work for your page including best times to post, what posts prompted unfollows, and much more.

Delete but don’t delete too much. If a post has a low reach and doesn’t pick up in about an hour or two, I delete it. The reason being is facebook shows your content to people based on your popularity and level of interaction. When you’re pushed into the feed of a handful of people and no one interacts with your content and the content isn’t found by the algorithm to be what people tend to like, it will stop showing that post to people and start to consider your page less worthwhile to show to others. The simplest way to think about this is karmically. If you do something facebook loves, its algorithm will pay it forward to you and push more of your content to more people (it views you as popular and relevant). If you do something that gives you bad facebook karma, your content will be seen less.

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That said, DON’T go delete happy. A post here and there is fine. However, if you delete two posts back to back, you’ll get bad facebook karma. For instance, Holly Homer of Kids Activities Blog, a blogger who grew her facebook page to over one million without paying in about one year’s time, states that it took her and her partner an entire day to recuperate their reach after deleting back-to-back-to-back. And, they post 26 times a day. So delete but do so if other means don’t work.

Post several times each day but know how often you post shouldn’t compare to the bigger blogs. While I know may very successful business pages assert posting almost hourly is the way to go, I would disagree. To the best of my knowledge, frequency should be determined by the number of followers your page has. Less than five hundred followers: up to three times each day would be best; in and around the 1,000 range around 5 times give or take. From there, I would slowly add and assess. While facebook reach is a numbers game, the success of your page is also based on feel. If you feel your page can handle more posts, go for it.

Take note of what works and what doesn’t. It may be the time of day, it may be the format of the content, it may be the actual content itself, but assess why certain posts work and why others don’t. Try different times of the day. For instance, for my page, posts after 8pm ET do the best (with some exception). I find especially after 10pm ET but before 12am is a great time to post. Some business pages find great success with posting text without photos, while others’ reach gets hit hard when there is no media. My craft posts don’t do well on facebook, but do do well on Pinterest. And so, in general, I’ve stopped posting them on facebook as much. Stephanie Keeping of Spaceships and Laser Beams, a blog that hit 500,000 facebook followers in less than a year, found practical recipes did best on her facebook page while fancier recipes did better on Pinterest. This, again, is why your facebook page’s success is dependent on your feel for it.

Know your facebook priority and post accordingly. Not only should the content you post be determined based on what works, it should also be based on what your goal for your facebook page is. My number one priority is facebook reach. So, about 60-70% of what I post is what is popular on pages bigger than mine. Huffington Post Parents, Scary Mommy, and Happy Hooligans are all pages that have over one million followers and are within my niche. As a result, I follow them in my facebook insights and share their content so my page reaches more people. If my main priority was driving traffic to my blog. I would post my own content more frequently, perhaps at a ratio of 60% others content 40% my own. If it was to get more fans, I would post more memes. I have found memes tend to generate more likes for my page (find out a super simple hack to get more facebook likes here).


For additional and more in-depth insights on growing your facebook page, I highly recommend listening to Stephanie Keeping’s podcast and anyone of Holly Homer’s videos on facebook below.


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10 thoughts on “Turn Your Low Facebook Reach Around

  1. Such fantastic tips! I was about to give up on Facebook, but thanks to some awesome groups and some feedback from fellow bloggers I have slowly upped my reach and my followers. It’s now my second social media driver of traffic after Pinterest!

    1. That’s so awesome and I don’t blame people for being on the verge of giving up on it. Glad to hear it’s turned around for you too!

  2. My insights are everywhere, although I just really started The Choosy Mommy’s FB page so there isn’t much of a rhythm yet. Choosy Kids FB gets some good hits here and there, like you said, but it is quite frustrating and hard to explain to bosses lol!

  3. I consider you a mentor (as well as a fantastic friend) and you have seen how taking your advice has helped my Facebook reach. I learned the hard way that I can’t just delete everything and I have learned that Facebook is fickle. What works one month won’t work the next, but you are right on the reach as far as the Scary Mommy posts go. I, more than anything, want to get engagement so that is what I am working on right now. Posts that will get people talking in the comments. Facebook is such a huge platform and as frustrated as I got towards the beginning of the year, it’s still my #1 driver in traffic so I won’t ever be giving that up. Thanks for sharing your insight, Alana! This is great stuff.

  4. Love this post and I couldn’t agree more with some of your tips. I am a huge believer in natural engagement and I find it really helps to know your audiences. A lot of people post for the sake of posting and its not interesting to their audience which is why it fails.

  5. I never would have thought to delete posts…interesting. I’m going to give that a try next week. I’m reading a really good book about Facebook from a friend who grew her blog page from 2,500 to over 100,000 in under a year. It has some really great information in it. It’s called Strategies Worth Sharing by Brittany Ann.

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