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10 + Ways To Increase Your Facebook Reach Without Paying

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Tired of seeing your facebook reach fall flat? Scroll down to find simple tips on how to increase your Facebook reach without paying.


If you have a business page, you most certainly have posted something and seen your facebook reach totally fall flat. It’s definitely disappointing to have put consideration into a chosen article or post to see that it only made it into the Newsfeed of less than 5% of the people who like your page. Often, Facebook would like you to PAY to get a greater reach, or ‘Boost Your Post’ as they put it.


The good news?


You most certainly can DO something to get around this. It just requires some strategic manoeuvring and a little bit of effort. While I have just over 7,000 Facebook followers, my reach ranges between around 50,000-100,000 each week. Here are my 10 + ways to increase your Facebook reach without paying.


Disclaimer: This post contains affiliate links because I really believe in these products. If you choose to make a purchase the price you pay is the same. However, I will receive a commission.

Increase your facebook reach, get more page likes, and more than 10 other tips!

Increase Your Facebook Reach Without Paying

Post content related to your blog or business 4x / day minimum.

Rachal Miller suggests FOUR posts per day is the magic number. Firstly, this is because not all posts make it into everyone’s Newsfeed. But, even if they did, four times amidst all other content is not too much. It’s also not too little. Four times keeps you relevant and generates interest. Rachel Miller who grew  Kids Activities Blog from around 10,000 to 500,000 in less than a year (and has since built several pages in different niches who have exceeded 100,000 in a few months) recommends posting often to stay relevant and give your audience what they want.


Feed facebook.

Facebook likes people to stay on Facebook. As a result, its algorithm tends to favour memes, videos, posts that have a photo and a link. Test this out on your page and see what your audience responds to the most.


If a post still isn’t doing all that great, like it yourself.

As soon as a Facebook post has gotten interaction, its likelihood of showing up in others’ feeds increases. All you have to do is click the little flag on the right-hand side of your post, switch it to your personal page, and like it.



Become one with Facebook Insights

The Insights tab has a great overview of your page. And, clicking “Reach” under your posts can show you how many people have clicked on a given post, if it was hidden, if your page was unliked as a result of seeing a given post, and how many people interacted with it. All of this information shows you what your audience likes the most and least. This information is vital in indicating what you should do more or less of.


If something does really poorly, delete it.

That’s right if your reach and interaction and click-throughs on the link you shared are lower than average, DELETE it. Facebook rewards pages that people interact with and shows less of pages that don’t do as well.

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Share your business page posts on your personal Facebook timeline.

As soon as you do this, the given post becomes more relevant to Facebook’s algorithm because more than one source has shared the information. This will lead to more people seeing your content.


Share content from pages with a BIG following.

Huffington Post, Washington Post, Scary Mommy, Time Magazine, the Wall Street Journal… if any of their content fits with your brand and it’s been shared recently, SHARE it. I used to think if other pages were sharing the same content, I should hold onto it for a rainy day and re-post said content down the line when it’s relevant again. WRONG! By posting something the big pages are sharing and others are sharing, your page will show in your followers’ Newsfeeds. And, if they interact with your post people who don’t follow your page may end up seeing it in their feed too.


Share what’s trending.

If something pops up in the right-hand column that’s trending and you can comment on it in a way that is compatible with your brand, do! Again, it will improve your chances of showing in feeds.

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Respond to people who comment on your page.

The more interaction, the more your page will show in followers AND non-followers feeds.

PicMonkey Photo editing made of win


Don’t do like for like threads, comment for comment, or Facebook interaction threads in Facebook groups. 

Listen to me. Do. NOT. do interaction threads in blog groups for Facebook. 

This negates the above-mentioned principle that any interaction is good interaction. All interaction is good. EXCEPT from other bloggers UNLESS your page is FOR bloggers.


Why? If the bulk of your interaction (specifically, page likes, reactions, and comments) come from other bloggers, it tells the Facebook algorithm that your page is about blogging. So as a result of making this mistake the algorithm thought my page, Parenting from the Heart was about parenting blogging and not parenting. This meant my posts were being shown largely to other parenting bloggers. But because bloggers tend to like so many pages, my content was being shown to very few people. My growth was so slow. It was painful. In contrast, my secondary page, The Undeniable Power of Play never saw a Facebook thread. We exceeded 10,000 page likes in a matter of months. That page never hit a share thread. One of my business partners’ page, Construction Paper Crafts for Kids hit over 200,000 page likes in a few thanks to several viral videos, following the tips in the paid version of this course, and not having their page on threads.

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Add people to your page that aren’t your friends with this hack.

Any post that has a lot of likes, click on the number of people who like the post, then scroll through and invite the people who have liked the post but haven’t liked your page as shown below.

10 + Ways To Increase Your Facebook Reach Without Paying | Parenting from the Heart



If you feel facebook business page success is elusive, fear not. Spend less time focusing on numbers and get great results on your facebook business page: great facebook page reach, more likes, and more interactions with these simple, powerful tips! Facebook marketing strategies are excellent to turn a bad facebook reach around.

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  2. These are great tips! I’m definitely going to join that one group too. I think you’re so right with posting frequently. I try to post three times a day at roughly the same times. I wonder if it would help if I increased it to four?

  3. Awesome tips, Alana! I have asked questions before, but usually in the morning or during the day and get little interaction. I’ll need to experiment with asking in the evening. And I find once I post something on my Facebook page and share it on my personal FB and I see that FB shows it to so many more people. So odd! You would think since they are connected FB wouldn’t use that in your favor 😉

  4. These are great tips! Thanks! I tried the hack though for inviting people who like a post to like the page and can’t get that to work! It only gives me the option to send a friend request. Am I doing something wrong?

  5. Super tips! I love seeing your on Periscope and catching up to read the details. Thanks for sharing! These things definitely help me figure out how to get things going in the right direction – I really appreciate it!

  6. I love these tips — I re-read this once a week and I am trying to work on them one at a time. I am really unsure about posting 4x a day though…I’ve been trying 2 or 3x but I feel like then people will miss certain posts and even that I get less viewers? Is that possible? I am pretty new – just began blogging in June and still trying to figure out everything!

  7. Thank you for this wonderful and much needed post, Alana! Pinned. (For some reason, I couldn’t get your big pretty picture to stay open or pin, so I had to pick another one. It disappears right after I open the post and is not a choice when pinning from the button. I’m not sure if it’s just me, but I wanted to let you know.) I’m planning to go through all of these tips in detail this weekend during the blog staycation :). So glad to be connected with you now!

  8. Omg This is amazing.. I am deff learned a few tips that are going to increase my page. Right now my page has 8,200 followers and I get a lot of likes and a lot of comments but i didnt know that i can go to see who liked my stuff and the people who are not following the page to invite them.. This tip right here is AMAZING. Thanks

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