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Hi! I’m Alana. Originally from Vancouver, BC, I am the mom to three young kids. Just a couple of years ago, I was the mom of two under two. Quickly learning through play and positive parenting strategies became my saving graces. Though I am learning as I go, I love to do a lot of research. Parenting from the Heart is the culmination of my life lessons with my kids, research, fun activities we’ve done and so much more!

What IS Parenting from the Heart?

Parenting from the Heart best describes my parenting style. Having studied development psychology during my undergrad, my parenting can best be defined as influenced by a little bit of research, a bit of family tradition, a bit of instinct, and a whole lot of love. Toddlers are boundary testers. Based on my experience, empathy, paraphrasing, learning through play, and clear expectations yield the best results in toddlers.



When I got pregnant much sooner than we had planned with our second, I knew I would have to get creative fast. Parenting two under two was not what I planned on, but it has opened up my life and my heart boundlessly. Being at home with my two very young toddlers has yielded so many life lessons, as well as a perpetual need for coffee. I wanted to share some of what we do and some of the things we learned along the way. Little did I know, I would soon have readers, commenters, and people sharing in my writing!


Now, I spend my days blogging, cleaning, playing, crafting, cleaning some more, nursing cold coffee, exploring, and re-exploring all of life’s wonders through my children’s eyes.


I’m so honoured to have you visit my blog and am happy to have you join along as I parent from the heart <3


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  1. Your energy and attitude are electric! I’m so happy that I found a mom like you who is passionate about writing and motherhood. Can’t wait to read more!!

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