101+ Bad Weather Kids Activities

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In my less experienced parenting days, I remember when one of my kids had a cold or it was pouring rain, we could hit some form of cruise control, curl up on the couch, and just chill. Oh, how I’ve learned from those well-intentioned, clueless parenting days! Unless my kids are VERY sick, there always needs to be some form of plan. Because even if they’re sniffling or it’s pelting outside, they have the capacity to get bored fast. So I’ve slowly started to compile a list of go-to bad weather kids activities. Recently, I put together a list of over 100 Bad Weather Kids Activities for my loyal newsletter base. But I wanted to offer it to all of you too.

You may be thinking, the bad weather of winter is long behind us (I’ll admit I’m still a little scorned from my first winter of non-stop snow). The truth is, Spring showers are still a possibility and over summer break, there are bound to be some days where you are stuck inside. Even if there isn’t bad weather over summer break, having some activities for those dog days are nice to have on hand. Every activity is screen-free, requires minimal or no prep, and does not require a trip to an expensive craft store (most items are common household ones). If you would like to download your very own free copy, simply sign up for my bi-weekly newsletter below. You will also be the first to receive gifts like 101+ Bad Weather Kids Activities and find out about giveaways before anyone else!

101+ Bad Weather Kids Activities

Whether you're stuck inside due to rainy weather, because your kids have a cold, or it's the dog days of summer and you just want out of the sun, every parent needs some bad weather kids activities up their sleeves. This list contains over 101 play-based activities young kids are sure to enjoy


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