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Play-Based Learning Activities

Play-based learning is something near and dear to my heart. There is no sound in the world I love more than the sound of my children playing. And what absolutely fascinates me is how experientially rich play is. Whether we engage our kids and set up invitations to play or just leave them to their own devices, they are always learning through play.

In this section, you will find play-based learning activities and articles. All of my activities use inexpensive, common materials. You will notice my posts underscore the basic skills children are learning when engaging in my invitations to play.


Below are my top play-based learning posts. I hope you enjoy:


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Hi, I’m Alana. When I’m not nursing cold, stale coffee, I usually can be found with the baby on my hip, barefoot, and racing after my two older kids.

Thanks to a degree in psychology and a free-range childhood backing onto an expansive evergreen forest, positive parenting and play-based learning are my passions.

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