After Christmas or Birthday parties there is so much gift wrap! Recycle and reuse wrapping paper with these play-based learning kids ideas! Some ideas use tissue paper others gift wrap for these kids crafts.

Kids Activities to Recycle and Reuse Wrapping Paper

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  We’ve already started opening Christmas gifts in waves. Because our family lives far away, presents have slowly arrived. It’s been great. Some of our loved ones have asked that they open their gifts immediately. That way the kids can enjoy the gifts before getting inundated Christmas morning. ALREADY I’m overwhelmed with the wrapping paper. […]

These simple DIY reindeer ornaments are so fun and so easy to make. They are preschooler friendly. Great for Christmas decorations, Christmas gifts, Christmas ornaments

3 Simple DIY Reindeer Ornaments

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  My little family couldn’t be more excited that Christmas season is here. Our tree is up. And, we’ve eaten our way through several batches of cookies. Thankfully, I have stocked our pantry with flour, sugar, and food colouring. And, my craft cupboards are teaming with glitter, red, green, and gold everything. And, my kids […]

Learn with Shopkins! These little manipulatives are PERFECT for teaching counting, number recognition, basic addition and subtraction. Don't have shopkins? No worries any miniatures work well. Click through to get your free printable. Play-based learning, learning through play

Learn with Shopkins: Teach Numeracy Using Manipulatives

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  Learn with Shopkins? Rewind to the end of December last year and I would have laughed at this title. It was around that time that I wrote a post about minimizing and organizing toys. In it, I wrote something along the lines of, “I would imagine my daughters Shopkins have a short shelf life […]

Toys can build or break on the magic of play-based learning. Click here to find the best play-based learning toy ideas. Find STEM toys, toys to promote pretend play, literacy, gross motor and fine motor skills. There is so much learning through play to be had.

Play-Based Learning Toy Ideas & More

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There are countless ways you can promote play-based learning in your home or school. Click here to find play-based learning toy ideas.   If you’ve followed my blog closely then you know I’m a massive proponent of play-based learning. The reason is that play is arguably the best way for young children to learn. Not […]

Whether you would prefer to decrease the amount of chocolate your children eat, have a child with dietary restrictions or simply want a really fun way to celebrate advent this year, these non-candy advent calendars are AWESOME. There are different countdowns, ways to get little surprises, use Lego, Playmobil, stickers, and so much more. There is even a STEM advent calendar idea. All of them are so much fun and most are really simple.

Ideas for Advent Calendars Without Candy

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  When my little brother was ten, he was diagnosed with what they thought was colitis. Later, we found out it was, in fact, Crohn’s. Either way, his symptoms and gastrointestinal issues meant he had to eliminate a number of foods from his diet. Two triggers that were quickly identified and removed were dairy and […]

Fun Fall Activities to Bring the Magic of Season to Life

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  Fall awakens both creativity and imagination in me. Perhaps it’s the temperature change. Suddenly going outside is less hot and humid. Back to school certainly flicks a switch where the dog days of summer are put to rest and we are set into a higher gear. Autumn colours are incredible. Trees audaciously display vibrant reds, oranges, […]

Fun Play-Based Learning Ideas Using YARN!

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There are countless ways to create crafts and play-based learning ideas using yarn. Not only that, these kids activities are beautiful and interesting!   Never would I have anticipated I would be writing and excited about yarn. Really. Yarn brings up connotations of the mundane. It probably goes without saying, but I’ve never knit. Though […]

low or no-prep kids activities for when mom is sick or needs a break. All are rooted in play-based learning

No-Prep Kids’ Activities for when Mom’s Sick (or needs a break)

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For those days where you’re sick, need a break, or are stuck inside with the kids with no place to go, here are no-prep kids activities to keep them quiet!   There are times when exhaustion sets in.   It’s as if my brain partially shuts off.   My body is lethargic. And, thinking about […]

At the end of the summer, we are left with a lot of broken down chalk. There are sensory play ideas, kids arts and crafts, STEM, STEAM, and so many more perfect for play-based learning.

14 Learning Activities Using Chalk

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Check out there 14 learning activities using chalk including sensory play ideas, kids arts and crafts, and STEAM – perfect for play-based learning.   Summer is over.   And, I have packed most of our summer gear away. It’s at this time of year, I always find myself with the remnants of products in-hand, unsure if I […]