These dice games are excellent and helpful play based learning strategies to teach numeracy (early math). Preschoolers will learn number recognition, greater than and less than, number sequencing and more!

Dice Games for Preschoolers: Fun ways to promote numeracy

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These dice games are fun, engaging ways to teach preschoolers numeracy…   Disclaimer: This post contains affiliate links. The price you pay is the same. However, I receive a small commission. Right now, my kids are very interested in numbers and the alphabet. Every day, both my almost four-year-old and five-year-old enjoy manipulating magnetic letters […]

These low or no prep backyard activities use household items, are great for toddlers, preschoolers, and kindergarteners. Great for play-based learning!

Low or No Prep Backyard Activities for Young Kids

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The snow in our area has finally melted. Honestly, it’s as if a massive weight has been lifted off of my shoulders. And it would seem the parents at school drop-off and around our neighbourhood are feeling a whole lot lighter too. The spring in everyone’s step is palpable. While I do love the excitement […]

Kids not listening? These two helpful strategies are great tips on how to get your kids to listen. Great positive parenting strategies for parents with young kids, toddlers, and preschoolers.

Your Kids Will Listen If You Do THIS

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Kids aren’t listening? It’s so frustrating to correct our kids over and over. Try these two crucial positive parenting strategies and your kids will listen.   “It looks like a beautiful ballroom!” she said. My five-year-old daughter was awestruck. She approached the open restaurant floor and twirled with wonderment. In truth, the bistro was attractive and inviting. […]

The number one baby sleep tip you need to know. Sleeping after just having a baby is disjointed at best, great sleep strategies for your infants including products that will sooth your child and increase the likelihood of sleep. Cetaphil baby #ad

Baby Sleep: The number one tip you need to know

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When it comes to baby sleep, I’ve been through my fair share. Here are research-based, parent-tested tips to gently get your baby to sleep.   When it comes to baby sleep habits and sleep training, I’ve been through my fair share.   Anticipating the birth of my first child, I read books, got prepared, and […]

Spring clean with your kids, encourage your kids to clean up and get rid of toys using these great tips. Minimizing toys, donate toys, parenting

Get your Kids to Clean Up & Get Rid of Toys

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Overrun by toys? Find out why you should get rid of most of your children’s toys. Find tips on to get your kids to clean up after the purge is done!   I was scheduling out my blog’s facebook page two nights ago when I came across an article basically suggesting no toys were the […]

Raising spirited children is involved, dynamic, and difficult. They are also a source of immense pride and have been shown to have greater successes later in life than their non-spirited counterparts. Find incredible resources on how to successfully raise strong-willed kids here.

Insights & Strategies for Raising Strong-Willed Children

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Raising strong-willed children is a demanding process. We can’t just demand compliance because it won’t work. Find positive parenting strategies below.   Her blood-curdling scream was enough to wake the baby and send chills down my spine.   “I told you to STOP!” she yelled.   I had never heard my daughter speak to me […]

Fun Bath Time Activities for a Tear-Free Bath

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My kids absolutely love jumping in the bath and splashing away. Think unabashed dolphins meet a very small body of water and you’ve got the picture. Although bath time is typically a dynamic and gleeful experience, there are times where it just isn’t. There have been a number of factors we can attribute to them just […]

When the weather isn't great, it's so nice to have screen free boredom busters up your sleeve. These screen-free kids activities are perfect for preschoolers to keep busy, play-based learning. Rainy day activities, snow day indoor activities.

Screen Free Boredom Busters for Kids

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If you live in the Northern part of the Northern hemisphere, chances are February isn’t one of the mildest months. In the places I’ve lived, this month is typified by either dark rain cloud or grey melted snow. Though I do believe there is no weather, just bad clothing, February is a month where we spend […]