If you feel facebook business page success is elusive, fear not. Spend less time focusing on numbers and get great results on your facebook business page: great facebook page reach, more likes, and more interactions with these four simple tips!

Facebook Marketing Strategy: 4 Tips For Your Facebook Business Page Success

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If your Facebook business page success seems elusive, you’ve come to the right place. This post has practical, powerful Facebook marketing strategies.


Facebook business page success seems to be this elusive, sometimes impossible quest.


Anyone with a Facebook page has, at some point, been excited about an article, meme or post. Posted it on their page. Waited. And then heard nothing but crickets.


After a couple of hours, said post’s reach may have hit 40 people and no one has commented or liked it. It has died.


In other cases, many have found a rhythm. However, their growth is so negligiblethey wonder why even invest the time?


It’s no wonder blog groups see daily comments about people wanting to give up on Facebook. “If no one is seeing my posts and my likes aren’t going up, what’s the point?”


If you haven’t totally thrown in the towel on when it comes to facebook business page success, know there is both hope for your numbers and for the success of your page. And, while there is a lot to be said about being scrupulous about your Facebook insights, there is a way to get somewhere without focusing on them too much.


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While my advice is based on my page, it has also been largely reinforced by my research on Facebook business page success including those who have grown their page to one million followers in less than a year and best-selling authors on social media. So here it goes, here are my four must-know tips on Facebook business page success.


If you feel facebook business page success is elusive, fear not. Spend less time focusing on numbers and get great results on your facebook business page: great facebook page reach, more likes, and more interactions with these four simple tips!

Facebook Business Page Success: 4 Must-Know Tips To Succeed


 1. Identify your voice and your ideal reader.

There is a blogging consultant I absolutely love working with who has taught me this.  Sarah of NDC FullCircle advocates for identifying your ideal reader and then catering all of your content based on what you identify. So for me, my ideal reader is a parent or child advocate that is looking for positive parenting solutions, play-based learning activities, and/ or is looking to discuss the subject, but also has a bit of a sense of humour when it comes to parenting too. (And yes, I know topics about blogging don’t exactly fit into that. Shhhhhh! I won’t tell if you won’t).


In knowing my ideal reader,  the sponsored content and ads I accept on my page, blog posts I write, the memes I create and the content I share should all be centred around what my readers want. In having a vision, everything share becomes clearer and easier to figure out.


Pssst! did you know that there are words the Facebook algorithm doesn’t like? Find out what they are when you click the image below.


 2. Watch pages in your insights and share their trending content. 

If you’re not already watching pages in your insights you’re doing yourself a disservice. On desktop, click Insights, scroll down to “Watch Pages” and then add pages of interest to your ideal reader. Once you follow them, you can view them in insights and see their top performing posts. What I love about this is I am able to very easily find content to share on my page. NB just because these pages may be of interest to my ideal reader, it doesn’t mean that all of the pages’ content is. For instance, my ideal reader is interested in play-based learning. So, if a craft that is trending on a blog I watch would likely turn into a blob of brown paint if young hands got to it, I won’t share it.


The second thing I love about watching pages in my Insights is that I am able to get a better reach by sharing their top performing content. If something is going viral over at Happy Hooligans (one of my absolute favourite pages) and I share it, my page will get pushed into more people’s feeds as a result of sharing viral content. Also, the people follow Happy Hooligans and me, Parenting from the Heart will be even more likely to see what we shared.


Caveat:  if you’re sharing content because you want to benefit from the viral reach of someone else’s post, you should only share content that is two to three days old maximum. Why? Based on my own experience and what I’ve read about the lifespan of facebook posts, anything more and you won’t really get on that viral upturn. You’ll miss the boat.


3. Use your voice. Often.

Sharing from the pages you watch in your insights? Just wrote a blog post and are sharing that? Want to sell something from an affiliate? Posting a meme? FRAME IT WITH YOUR WORDS before dropping the link or image. It could be a personal story, a summation of your feelings, a funny quip, whatever it is YOU. Even if you’re a business selling stuff or trying to recruit new customers, FRAME YOUR PITCH WITH YOUR OWN VOICE. Why? Well, my friends, people on Facebook mainly follow people on Facebook not business pages. And, 99.99999% of their feed is content that is posted by people they know posting content as if they are talking to their friends. SO, if you write something pitch-y, or stiff, or simply drop a link, when they scroll through their feed, your business page post sticks out like a sore thumb in a very bad way, because it doesn’t organically fit. So, DON’T be a facebook dummy. If you haven’t started watching pages in your insights, you will quickly see, may of the posts that do especially well are ones that are unique to them.


The other reason it is so important to post in your own voice is that your voice is the only thing that completely differentiates you from every other blog and business page out there. So think of ways to market your voice in an engaging way. Ask questions, create memes, share little stories with photos. Find what suits you and your audience and market your voice. Just remember to do what fits your voice and your ideal reader above all.


4. Mix it up.

If you’re watching pages in your insights, it is easy to get caught up in only sharing viral content. Or only sharing popular memes. By mixing up the content, the format of your content, and the times of day you post, you will likely find out quite quickly what works best for your page and will feel empowered to grow it more substantially than ever before.

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