Get Food Colouring Out Of Skin With This #Hack

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My two-year-old covered her skin with food colouring, this hack to get food colouring out of skin in no time at all. It's SUPER easy and takes no elbow grease!

It was the day after my daughter’s second birthday and it genuinely looked like penguin paraphernalia had been thrown up all over our home. My aunt had just arrived in town that day and was en route to visit us. As I picked up remnants of the party with my hands and feet, my attempt at extreme multitasking, it got so quiet. “The kids are playing so nicely,” I thought. “This couldn’t be more perfect.” Then, the silence became almost deafening. “Do I capitalize on the peacefulness and solider on? Or do I dare find out what they are up to?” My daughter chose to answer this question for me when she presented herself looking like a melting smurf. FOOD COLOURING. They had gotten into my food colouring. My son was considerate enough to choose yellow as his war paint, but my daughter, well my daughter looked like the photo above AFTER I tried bathing her. I took to Facebook and cried to begged asked my friends for any help they may have to get food colouring out of skin. My friend Natasha saved the day and told me ANY foaming shaving cream would do the trick. I put it on their skin, let it sit briefly, and then wiped it off. Voila! Clean.

If you craft with food colouring often like we do or bake with it, you may want this hack in your back pocket so you can get food colouring out of skin fast 🙂

Do you have any cool cleaning or crafting hacks? Please share below!

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10 thoughts on “Get Food Colouring Out Of Skin With This #Hack

  1. This worked really well for my son’s green colored chin…. clean shaving cream did the trick! Thanks!

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