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Thank you to Mama by Fire for nominating me for a Liebster Award, a way for bloggers with under 200 followers to get some recognition, a greater audience, and be celebrated 🙂 The blogs I’m nominating are:

1) MomLife Now: a blog that so wonderfully captures and expresses the beauty of motherhood

2) The Cheerio Diaries: a new mom’s ventures through life as a parent with beautiful pictures, and tasteful design

3) Wading Through Motherhood: a blog that has both made me cry and laugh,the tongue-in-cheek nature of posts hit the nail right on the head!

4) Three Boys and a Mom: The heart and fun in each post combined with the fact this woman has three boys under the age of three has me loving this blog!

liebsterblogawardThe Questions Asked to me

1. What is  your favourite post you’ve written so far? I have three in no particular order: When to Give up, The Paradox of Mental Health, and You are the Expert. All were cathartic to write, and therefore I feel the most proud of them.

2. What is your coffee drink? I can’t go a day without drip coffee. I like it strong and I need two cups. If I’m treating myself? A regular old latte. My favourite coffee shops are Caffè Artigiano and Bean Around the World in Vancouver.

3. What is your most embarrassing guilty pleasure song? As much as I’d prefer not to admit it, “I’m in Miami, Bitch” LMFAO, and any classic BackStreet Boys.

4. If you could visit anywhere in the world for one month, where would it be? Europe. I absolutely love France, Germany, Austria, Greece, Croatia…

5. Sweet or savory? What is your impossible to resist junk food? Chocolate chip cookies. They may ultimately lead to my undoing.

6. When did you start blogging and why? I started blogging just over three months ago. I have such an immense passion for my children, writing, developmental psychology and health. Because my family is definitely on a budget, and because I’m frugal by nature, I decided to combine all topics to create my blog.

7. What’s your favorite season? All of them. I know that may seem silly, but I love where I live so much that I feel every season accents different parts of Vancouver’s beauty.

8. What is your favourite activity to do with your kids? Go to StrongStart or the Vancouver Aquarium. Both are so experientially rich. I have SO. MUCH. FUN. at both.

9. What is your favourite activity to do on your own? Yoga or hike.

10. Are you a sports fan? (If so, sport and team?) More so than anything, I love watching sports’ highlights. I love the commentary and seeing all of the noteworthy aspects of the day. The teams I cheer for? Vancouver Canucks, Montreal Canadians, Team Canada.

11. What do you look forward to the most every day? Coffee in the morning, and my husband coming home in the evening.

12. What are your favourite blogs to read right now? Mommy A – Z Blog for the quality of writing, and the clever, relatable way the alphabet is used throughout; Just Another Mom for the candour and beauty of how living with Autism is depicted, and MomLife Now because of how eloquently life lessons are written. I could go on though… there are so many WONDERFUL ones out there <3 Oh and Scary Mommy. Who doesn’t love Scary Mommy? 🙂

Questions for my Nominees

I did a bit of recon. Admittedly, I’m not sure if you fall in the under 200 followers category, or if you have or have not been nominated yet. I have based this only on Facebook “likes.” Do not feel you have to accept this award, just know I am nominating you because I thoroughly enjoy your blog and feel it deserves a shout out! I didn’t follow the rules completely (see link above), because I only nominated 4 bloggers rather than 5 to 11. But I figured I’d go for quality over quantity 🙂

1. What’s your favourite post you’ve written so far?

2. On those parenting days where nothing seems to go quite right, how do you move beyond the melt-downs and mess?

3. What’s one of your favourite go-to recipe?

4. What are your favourite blogs to read?

5. What prompted you to start your blog?

6. What blog post are you the most proud of?

7. Would you rather a year without social media or a year without coffee?

8. What’s your favourite baby shower gift to give?

9. When writer’s block hits, or you find you are not completing posts, where do you find inspiration?

10. What are your favourite books to read your kids?

11. What is your favourite outing with your family?

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11 thoughts on “Liebster Award

  1. What an honor!!! Thank you, truly! I was nominated and did it,once but I love your questions and may do a post with the questions just for fun! Thanks so much for thinking of me, it honestly is so humbling and means so much that I’d cross your mind for this! Thank you!

    1. You’re very welcome. It’s well deserved. If you did it once, don’t feel you have to do it again (finding people to nominate, etc.). If you wanted to answer the questions though, I would love to hear your answers!

  2. I love reading the answers to why people start their blog and what inspires them. Thanks for the nomination and I will have to check out a few of these blogs that are new to me. =)

  3. Alana, I am truly so honored you would nominate me!! I have done this before but it doesn’t make my gratitude any less. 🙂 I LOVED reading more about you here–I feel as though I like you even more now. 🙂

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