Monday Mantra: My Beloved Child

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Yesterday didn’t start off so well for me. The issues that came to the forefront were underscored by a general lack of sleep. The result was a very emotional, tired me. Fortunately, at my yoga teacher training, I’m surrounded by some of the most warm, kind-hearted people I’ve met. Not only was I given all sorts of love and support, a fellow student teacher shared this beautifully impactful and perfectly timed poem.

I thought I would share, as it is a wonderful mantra for anyone. I will dedicated this to my beloved husband, my beloved daughter, my beloved son, and everyone closest to me <3

My Beloved Child,
Break Your Heart No Longer

Each time you judge yourself, you break your own heart.
You stop feeding on the love, which is the wellspring of your vitality.
The time has come.
Your time,
To live, to celebrate, and to see the goodness that you are.
You, my child, are divine
You are pure and you are sublimely free

Let no one, no thing, no idea or ideal obstruct you
If one comes, even in the in the name of “Truth,” forgive it for its unknowing
Do not fight.
Let go.
You are God in disguise, and you are always perfectly safe.

Do not fight the dark, just turn on the light.
Let go, and breathe into the goodness that you are.

– Swami Sri Kripalu


Hope you enjoy this poem as much as I did!
xo Alana

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6 thoughts on “Monday Mantra: My Beloved Child

    1. What’s funny is I so needed it and about the third time I read it, you just popped into my mind! So glad you enjoyed it as much as I did <3

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