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  When I began blogging, I started under a different name and with a very soft vision. Healthy Family Simple Budget was conceived with the idea that I would write about the different activities, recipes, and parenting two under two. I love to write, missed university, and felt that part of my brain wasn’t being exercised. Each day with my kids felt like a new opportunity to create memories and scaffold their development. Our finances were tight, and my hope was to demonstrate to whoever might read my posts that we could have a lot of fun without spending much at all. I started my blog’s Facebook page, patiently hoped that one day it would hit 100 likes, and hoped one of my post might be commented on some time soon.

The support started with friends and family sharing and commenting on posts (THANK YOU Seb, Mom, Auntie Dee, and Meghan to name a few). In time, I found myself in the company of some pretty amazing bloggers. Contributors to my blog’s success include Wading Through Motherhood, Mama by Fire, Three Boys and a Mom, Mosswood Connections, The Modern Mommy, Atlanta Mom of Three, Working Mom Magic, Trophy Wife Style, Sincerely Skin, Our Growing Roots, Happy Hooligans, Cheerio Diaries, and many, many more. I found myself in communication with all sorts of inspiring parents around the world. Christmas 2014, I did my first sponsored post, was invited to a media event at the Vancouver Aquarium, and did my first giveaway for Bright Nights Christmas Train in Stanley Park. I couldn’t believe how blessed I was to have such wonderful opportunities!

The problem with a blog vision and name is that it typically is chosen before one has written anything. Though I felt incredibly fortunate to have the readers I did, I was finding writing recipes lacklustre. It turns out my numbers reflected the same attitude. As I looked at my stats time and time again, recipes and activities were quite low statistically; recipes were the worst. Time went on, and I started to grow to dislike my blog’s name more and more. My writing naturally evolved and this evolution lent itself to its current name. Parenting from the Heart resonated deeply with me and fortunately did with my readers too.

This week, my blog turned a whopping one year of age. That same week, I had the immense privilege of being quoted in an online article for TIME Magazine. That same day, it was announced that I had made Vancouver Mom‘s list ‘Top 30 Vancouver Mom Bloggers of 2015’. To vote for me, please click here, scroll down to Alana Pace – Parenting from the Heart and check the box beside my name 🙂

For anyone stopping by for the first time, below are a few of all-time my favourite posts in no particular order.


Planning and Parenting for Two Under Two

“As I took the elevator back up to our apartment, the pregnancy test clutched tightly in my hand, the reality of all of this started to sink in. The math was not only suggesting I was pregnant, but the baby would likely be due on my sister in-law’s scheduled wedding day. Good God Almighty… We had just had a baby six months prior!”


Mad About Munsch: More than 5 Activities to Bring Kids’ Stories to Life

“The library was such an indulgence in my childhood; the time we frequented the most was during the summer when leisurely time seemed to be unending. When each warm, sun-filled day rolled into the next, my mom would take us to the only place we were allowed to completely gorge. She would take our arm-loads books we chose home in a large Rubbermaid container or a laundry hamper, and we would pour over them, daydreaming of the stories coming to life.”

An Open Letter to the Mom in the Apple Store | Parenting from the Heart

An Open Letter to the Mom in the Apple Store

“I came into the store today because my iPhone had stopped working just before bedtime last night. My eyes red with allergies, puffy from a lack of sleep, and my skin was pale from a lack of energy, I was nothing short of a defeated mess.

  What if it Were Just my Kids & Me?

“…[T]he first time I experienced true unconditional love at first sight was when I saw my daughter for the first time. The surge of pure, overwhelming, burst-out-of-my-chest love that I felt didn’t hold a candle to any emotion I had ever encountered in my life. Immediately, our coupledom changed. It changed so quickly. And because it changed as a result of the immeasurable love I felt for our first born in conjunction with healing from my c-section, and wincing my way through the first days of nursing, I didn’t even notice. My heart was so full, I didn’t notice my life being devoid of anything except sleep (and comfortable nipples).

The Sweetest Pillow Talk | Parenting from the Heart The Sweetest Pillow Talk

“And, I do lie down with her each night. While I understand many might view this as a regression or a substantial problem in need of fixing, this shift has actually opened up our young mother-daughter relationship quiet a bit. Suddenly, we’ve been given quiet, focused time in a form we hadn’t previously had in our typical, hectic day.”

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  1. You’re such an inspiring blogger! I’m so excited for you! I definitely think the name change better suits your writing – everything you write is from the heart and it really shows. Thanks for the shout out too. It made my whole day. <3

  2. You have accomplished so much in such a short time!! I love the new name and thank you for the shout out!! 🙂

    1. Thank you so much! There are some heavy hitters nominated with me. I’m just honoured to be there at all. Thanks again for all of your encouragement, involvement, support, and everything in between.

  3. What a wonderful blog story. You certainly have accomplished a lot. It truly shows what a special place you have made your website. A place that so many enjoy visiting.

  4. You’ve done so well in one year! So proud to call you a blogging friend! I love the new name! I’ve changed mine a few times and I still don’t feel like it’s perfect haha.

    1. The feeling is definitely likewise, Sue! I love your blog and your brand works! I understand having lingering uncertainty about a name. It’s such a big deal….

  5. Congrats on one year Alana! I have been so blessed by you and have grown to truly love you and consider you a friend although we have never met in person. I love the name change and think it reflects you much better. Congrats on all your success and inspiration. Here’s to many more years of writing growth and success. Love you friend!

    1. Thanks so much for your congratulations, Rachael. You have been an invaluable influence in this whole blogging journey. Love you too, friend! xo

  6. Congrats on one year of blogging, Alana! I hear ya about the challenge of finding the right name for a blog. I think it contributed to some sleepless nights for me when I first started. 🙂 I’m glad you were able to make the change, and it has released more creative juices.

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