I've increased my blog traffic by over 600% with these simple, easy to follow Pinterest tips. Bloggers you don't want to miss out! Blogging tips, social media strategy, work smarter not harder

Pinterest Tips: How To Get More Re-Pins & Therefore More Traffic

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POST UPDATE: I wrote this post during September 2015. Since writing this post and employing these strategies, my blog’s page views have increased by over 600%. Here are my best Pinterest Tips for getting a lot more traffic to your site. I have included affiliate links for your convenience. Also, I am recommending them because these products are game changers when it comes to your Pinterest game.  Both Tailwind and PicMonkey have free options. If nothing else, take advantage of those!

I've increased my blog traffic by over 600% with these simple, easy to follow Pinterest tips. Bloggers you don't want to miss out! Blogging tips, social media strategy, work smarter not harder

Best Pinterest Tips to Get More Traffic to Your Blog


Have a Pinnable Vertical Photo in EVERY post

This is one of the most pertinent Pinterest tips, if not the most. Take a moment to scroll through your Pinterest Feed and observe the pins with more than 1,000 repins. The vast majority do not have square or horizontal images. Pinterest is formatted to showcase vertical images (unfortunately Facebook is the opposite). So work with it, not against it. If you don’t like the look of a vertical image in your post, go into html. Then, code <div style=”display:none;”> before your image code, and </div> after the code. When your viewers click your pin button, they can access this image to pin!


Stage Your Photos to get Natural Light or Purchase/ Get Free Stock Photos


Pinners are looking for gorgeous content. Again, a scroll through your feed will show you this. Take the time to make sure your lighting is good, your photo is crisp, clear, and centred. If need be, do a little photo editing. Unless they’re searching for Pinterest Fails, people on Pinterest aren’t looking for real life photos. I love using Picmonkey to edit my images. It’s very user-friendly. I especially love that there is an option to get your photos lighter without compromising the quality. For this, I typically use the auto-adjust function in “Exposure.” And/or, I select “Colors,” then “Neutral Picker,” and finally, click on the whitest part of the image to turn gray or off-white into crisp white.

For tips on taking better blog photos with your iPhone, click here



If you can’t capture what you want how you want it, you can purchase stock photos for very little cash, or can get free photos by googling and checking that they are royalty and cost-free.


Titles Should Be Less Literary and More Literal

Again, scroll through your Pinterest homepage to confirm this. Literal titles tell people in a busy world, who are already inundated with information, if your post is worth reading.

I’m an excellent example of what not to do. My first activity post was named “Rainy Days, Runny Noses.” The post contained several toddler activities for days stuck inside. But the post was a total flop. Initially, I thought it was because back then I didn’t have text on my pictures. Nope. I wasn’t telling my readers what they were getting so why would they waste their precious time to figure out if I might be offering what they want? What it actually should have been called is something like, “5 Toddler-Friendly Indoor Activities.” I could have still used the phrase, “rainy days, runny noses” within the post if I wanted to. But as a title, it was WAY too vague…


In your Pinterest Profile, Make Your First Board Your Blog Board

Get way more traffic to your blog using these Pinterest tips

Why? This is the only content that truly separates you from others. It allows potential followers to see what you offer. And, in the case of re-pin groups or threads, if a pin you’ve shared isn’t something that fits with their own content, they have an entire board of other content to choose from!

Understand that Not All Content Is Great For Re-Pins

If you strictly are a craft, how-to, DIY, recipe, activity, or list-style blog, then you are likely exempt from this rule. However, in the case of yours truly, some of my content is really Pin-friendly and some of it just isn’t. I started off wanting to get equal success from all of my work shared on Pinterest. However, DIY, how-to, lists, and activities are what my target market are looking for on Pinterest. So even when I have written what I think is a really beautiful piece about a life lesson, chances are it won’t be a big Pinterest hit. Those pieces I still pin, but worry less on it being Pin-Friendly and worry more about how it will look on Facebook. If I have written say, a post about toddler activities, I will make sure that post contains a very pinnable photo.


I've increased my blog traffic by over 600% with these simple, easy to follow Pinterest tips. Bloggers you don't want to miss out! Blogging tips, social media strategy, work smarter not harder


Use Big Text On Your Images

This isn’t absolutely necessary. I know some pinners who have had success without. But this has served me well. And, again, if you scroll through your Pinterest homepage, you’ll notice the majority of pinned content has text that makes up 25% or more of its image. One main reason is that the text on your images should be readable on mobile to have the best probability of clicks and re-pins. 75-80% of Pinterest’s reported usage comes from mobile or tablet use. See my example of where I went wrong below. No one can read that, so again why would they waste their time trying to figure out what I was offering?


Join Facebook Groups with Re-pin Threads

This is a great way to get more content to share (the more active a profile the better). Many Facebook blog groups have pin-for-pin threads in them where you share your content and have it re-pinned in exchange for pinning others content. A simple search in facebook will yield many of these groups. Ones that are in your niche tend to be the best.


Schedule Your Pins Using Tailwind

Aside from having vertical, well-lit photos. Tailwind is the most crucial piece to my blogging success and is one of the most essential Pinterest tips I can give you. Tailwind starts off with a 30-day or 90-pin free trial. They don’t require you to put in a credit card or sign up for a contract before this period has expired. And, it is an invaluable tool to any blogger. Tailwind schedules your pins for you. Adding the extension to your Chrome or Safari browser makes it basically as easy live pinning. You pin into your boards through the scheduler. I recommend pinning your content almost as much as you pin others. This is key to getting the page views you deserve. This is one of the best ways to work smarter not harder.

Tailwind Visual Marketing Suite

Join Group Boards

It isn’t always easy to get invited to group boards. (Group boards are boards created by pinners on their profile wherein multiple people contribute their content). When the opportunity presents itself, ask to join. Again, a search on facebook will yield groups wherein people advertise their group boards (looking for contributors). If you’re in a group on facebook, ask the admin if they have their own group board. If you’re particularly fond of a bloggers content and they have a group board, interact with them frequently. After paying it forward, ask to join! Group boards get your content out to followers other than your own! If you would like to join my own group board on Positive Parenting and Play-Based Learning, please email me.

Again, this is where Tailwind comes into play. By joining a number of group boards, you have a new, larger audience (the pins you pin in there get shown to the owner’s followers), and gives you more places to pin.

Make Your Content Easy To Read

As I said in my first point, some of my content is more literary. Those pieces tend not to do so well on Pinterest. My content that does do well is numbered, has bullet points, has bolded test and/or is really linear to follow. Often, it is marked by many photos illustrating procedural points.


Have any questions? Please feel free to leave them below. I’m happy to help.

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  1. Thank you for sharing! I really want to help and educate as many people as possible through my blog; however, I have been so hesitant about using social media. I start to then hold back. You have encouraged me that this is the next step so thank you! ?

  2. So many great tips! I’m not using Pinterest well at all. I really need to take some time and go through all my own pins and make them more Pinterest friendly, as you suggested. Most of my content isn’t really suited for it, but I know I do have some I could use. I get absolutely no traffic from their right now, so any would be an improvement 🙂

  3. Lots of great tips here! I admit, I don’t use Pinterest as I should for my blog, but I am looking into joining more group boards and trying out a different strategy…Thanks for writing this! I’d love to join the group boards you’re an admin in. “)

  4. Thank you for this. Just this morning I was thinking i need to spend more time on Pinterest and learn how to use it better I have saved this to go through again this weekend

  5. Thanks for the tips! I have a couple of pins I get consistent traffic from but I don’t think a lot of my content is that pinnable. I love the way horizontal pictures look on my blog and on FB so I guess I have to think about including more vertical ones.

  6. Good tips! I also think that sharing a Pin’s link on FB can help with getting repins beause sometimes people don’t want to take the time to read a post at that moment but if they Pin it they can always go back to it later.
    Facebook is my number one traffic driver like you, but I’m still trying to work on Pinterest so these tips are great for me.
    Guess what? I’m pinning! 🙂

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