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Kids Activities to Recycle and Reuse Wrapping Paper

After Christmas or Birthday parties there is so much gift wrap! Recycle and reuse wrapping paper with these play-based learning kids ideas! Some ideas use tissue paper others gift wrap for these kids crafts.

After Christmas or Birthdays, there is SO much wrapping paper! Find fun simple kids activities to engage in process art, fine motor activities and make decorations.

We’ve already started opening Christmas gifts in waves. Because our family lives far away, presents have slowly arrived. It’s been great. Some of our loved ones have asked that they open their gifts immediately. That way the kids can enjoy the gifts before getting inundated Christmas morning. ALREADY I’m overwhelmed with the wrapping paper. While I love the tradition of wrapping and unwrapping, I don’t like the waste. Of course, I do try and re-use what I can for future presents. But gift wrap is so pretty. I wanted to find ways we could reuse wrapping paper for fun activities with my kids! I had only one idea so I asked other bloggers for their best ideas to recycle and reuse wrapping paper! Here they are.

Recycle and Reuse Wrapping Paper Ideas: Perfect for after a birthday or Christmas!

Reuse gift wrap with these simple kids activities


Use recyled tissue to make Fine Motor Flowers // Parenting from the Heart

Set up a pretend Gift Wrapping Station // Views from a Step Stool

Use recycled tissue or wrapping paper to Make Ornaments // Teaching Two & Three Year Olds

Make Tie Dyed Gift Wrap (using tissue paper) // Mum in the Mad House

Paint with Leftover Wrapping Paper // Views from a Step Stool

Practice Scissor Skills (by cutting out upcycled wrapping paper) // Sugar Aunts

Create Tissue Paper Process Art // Kids Craft Room

Make a Tissue Paper Glider // Sugar Aunts

Fill Ornaments with Tissue Paper // School Time Snippets

Create Tissue Snowdrop Flowers // Kids Craft Room

Set up a Ripping Station for Fine Motor Practice // Busy Toddler

Paste Tissue to Make a Reusable Calendar // Sugar Aunts

Reuse gift wrap with these simple kids activities

I hope you have fun with these ideas to recycle and reuse wrapping paper! I’m looking forward to trying them all with my kids.


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2 responses to “Kids Activities to Recycle and Reuse Wrapping Paper”

  1. Such fun and creative ways to use wrapping paper! The tissue paper snowdrop flowers are beautiful.

  2. […] But the other day, I opened the trash can to see they had tossed their yogurt drink containers in there instead of walking over to the recycling bin. I decided it was time to to teach them about the impact of throwing away plastic other materials that can be recycled or reused. […]

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