Refreshing Lemonade Recipe

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On those very hot days, lemonade sure hits the spot! Here is my go-to recipe.


6 cups water
3/4 raw sugar
1 cup lemon juice (fresh squeezed or from a bottle)
1/2 dozen ice cubes


    In a small sauce pan, boil sugar and 1 cup of water until sugar has fully dissolved. Remove from heat and put some ice in pan to cool simple syrup solution. In a pitcher combine remaining water lemon juice, and ice.

    Personally, I like it a bit more diluted, while my husband likes it as strong as this recipe makes it.

    Either way, it is a great starting point. You can adjust the ingredients as you so choose!

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2 thoughts on “Refreshing Lemonade Recipe

  1. Oh, I love how easy your recipe is! That is a great photo as well–really makes me wish I was not in a hotel room right now so I could run to my kitchen and make some immediately! 🙂

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