Parenting Baby: Resources and Advice for New Parents

Being a new parent can be overwhelming. Find excellent positive parenting strategies and research-based advice for new parents below.


Becoming a parent is one of the most wonderful and overwhelming endeavours I have been on. Mere days after our positive pregnancy test, I was hit with morning sickness. Little did I know getting sick would be the mark of all three of my pregnancies.


Once my daughter was born, I experienced the greatest joy and purest love of my whole life. That didn’t mean that postpartum was smooth sailing though. Soon basic tasks like unloading the dishwasher or making dinner seemed to take forever. I would be interrupted again and again. I felt drained and had a little someone needing me always. Additionally, I felt like I was being touched all. the. time. Getting a shower in felt near impossible, I was in my pjs until the afternoon sometimes, and my body was all out of sorts.


Postpartum feelings felt scary at times. Being the recipient of unsolicited parenting advice left me feeling confused and sensitive. Plus, I wasn’t sleeping as much as I should’ve been. On top of it, breastfeeding wasn’t exactly ‘pain-free.’


After having three babies, I feel so much more competent. Thanks to my own experience and my research, I created this page. Here you will find great resources and advice for new parents. As is the case with any advice for new parents, remember to listen to your gut and your doctor above all else 🙂


Best Resources and Advice for New Parents


Becoming a new parent is incredibly joy-filled and overwhelming. Find the best resources advice for new parents rooted in positive parenting and research.

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