An Exclusive Invite to Scratch, A Personalized Online Shopping Experience

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Click here to request an exclusive invite to use Scratch, a complimentary online personal shopping service that guarantees its prices. Disclaimer: This post was sponsored by scratch. All opinions expressed are my own.

Shopping with toddlers feels like a three-ring circus at the best of times. Shopping around to get the best product for the best price with a two and three-year-old is ridiculousness personified. So as a mom, aside from grocery shopping, I shop as little as humanly possible… maybe even less than that. Sure, I could online shop. But I avoid it because I spend enough time online that the idea of having a bunch of windows open to compare prices and read product descriptions sounds just slightly less painful than a root canal. Thanks but no thanks. So I don’t shop for myself. I get gifts at Christmas and my birthday, and that’s about it. Kind of sad isn’t it?

When I was asked to use an invite-only online shopping site, I wasn’t sure. In theory, Scratch sounded great because there are personal shoppers who chat with you, get information on what you’re looking for, and then give you personalized suggestions. The problem is I’m the type of person who will walk an extra mile to save a few bucks. So I didn’t think this would be a good fit for me. I didn’t want to spend more than I would elsewhere even if it was convenient.

Oh boy, was I wrong! Scratch is luxurious. So luxurious. When you click on the site, you have two options to select from.

You can either jump into personalized shopping or get familiar with what the site has to offer by clicking Browse For Ideas. I chose the latter and was immediately struck by the incredible comeliness of the photos representing each category. Think the best of Pinterest crossed with Vogue or Better Homes and Gardens; that beautiful.

Some of my favourite categories in a montage

Though the site epitomizes opulence, guess what? Scratch guarantees its prices. That is, its personal shoppers seek out the best possible prices for the items they sell. If you happen to find the same item for less, you will be credited the difference between the price on their site and what you found yourself. LOVE this!

Once I had a sense of what they offer, I had two burning questions for their shoppers.

The first, I am in desperate need of a good running bra. Right now I’m using ones from when I wasn’t nursing and having to double bra to get some support.

Second, I asked about a gift for my husband. See below:

The chat is not live, but I had a response for both questions within minutes. Both of my personal shoppers asked me for some additional details, and then gave me a specific time they would have their answers to me by. Both sets of answers came earlier than the time they quoted me.

For my sports bra, I will admit, I had a card up my sleeve. I used to work for lululemon. I had asked my shopper about sports bras knowing that there were only two I would recommend a runner when I worked there. One I LOVED, the other is something I would never practice yoga in. And, I had specifically asked my personal shopper for maximum support while running, but comfortable while practicing yoga. Because I practically have shares in lulu, I was interested in something other than what I’ve always defaulted to as well as the familiar. Lo and behold, Megan completely nailed it. She recommended my favourite jogging bra (which I used to own but since has gone MIA), as well as others that would be perfect for me.

In the case of my second question, I didn’t have any hidden advantages or insights. When it comes to buying gifts for my husband, I just don’t know what to get. I had really hoped I had given Erin, my personal shopper, enough info because I was hopeless. When the message came in my personal shop selections were in, I opened up Scratch to see exceptional ideas. While I was pleased with how astute my results were, the selections for my husband were totally ‘him’.

Here are a two of the many ideas sent my way for him:

Once you have your selections, simply press on the price of the item you would like to purchase, enter your credit card info and address, and you’re set!

There is a waitlist to join Scratch and I’m so grateful to have been invited. You too can get front-of-the-line access, simply click here. In a two hour turn around, you should have access to this truly sublime shopping experience.

Do you have any suggestions on how to make shopping more efficient and / or peaceful? Please share them below 🙂

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16 thoughts on “An Exclusive Invite to Scratch, A Personalized Online Shopping Experience

  1. (I’m the founder & CEO of Scratch)

    Our shoppers would love to help you both! Sign up for our waitlist at (it’s free) and we’ll get you in right away.

    Alana, thanks so much for the wonderful write-up. My wife and I have three little kids; watching her heroically take care of our kids, house, life and me — while never having time to get everything done the way she wanted to — was one of my main inspirations for creating Scratch to begin with. So happy to hear that our shoppers helped make you a little bit happier — that’s why we exist 🙂

  2. Very cool! I went back to school shopping with my kids…even with grandpa there, it was hard to get a few outfits. I’ve never heard of Scratch but it’s a great idea!

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