Social media can be all consuming. Get the most out of your Pinterest, Facebook, and Twitter with these tips. Increase your facebook reach, spend less time on Pinterest, and interact more with brands.

Work Less and Get More: 15 + Social Media Tips

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Social media can be all consuming. Get the most out of your Pinterest, Facebook, and Twitter with these tips. Increase your facebook reach, spend less time on Pinterest, and interact more with brands.

When I first started getting momentum blogging, posting more regularly and interacting in blogging groups, I wondered if the difference between mediocre blog stats and exceptional ones was one or two good breaks. Specifically, being shared by a bigger site, going viral, or something along those lines would act as a catapult for my numbers. Oh how wrong I was. In time, I was fortunate enough to be nominated for an award, had a BIG site share a post on social media, and go quasi-viral on Pinterest and StumbleUpon respectively. While these successes certainly made for better months, they were no means the differentiating factor in my statistical trajectory. In reality, it has been a slow, effortful grind. In the past two months, my stats have seen their greatest jump. Incidentally, this jump coincided with me being less available to spend time promoting my blog. When I calculated all of my stats, I had increased my unique monthly visitors by 650% from February to December of this year. The greatest increases came from the last quarter of the year when I was the least involved in my blog. Because I know social media (namely facebook) can be SUCH a grind for bloggers and businesses, I wanted to share my social media tips as well as the tips of some other bloggers in case they may be of help.

Get to know the language of the #socialmedia you use and cater your content based on that. Click To Tweet

The most important tip: get to know the language of the social media you use and cater your content based on that. Sarah, at Ruffles and Rainboots as well as a blogging consultant warns against “content dumping.” In essence, simply dropping your website or blog post on all social media forums in roughly the same way will make getting traffic a lot more work than if you’d taken the time to post something that makes sense for that medium. If you take the time to learn the nuances of a given platform, you are guaranteed to get way more bang for your buck. It could be asking a question or posting a quote on along with your link on facebook or tweeting a catch phrase from your post along with the link on Twitter. In the case of Pinterest, it means having a Pinnable image in your post (specifically, a vertical, well-lit photo with big text and the description of your post put in the alt text of that image). In addition to this general idea, here are 15+ Social Media Tips.

15 + Social Media Tips

Social media can be all consuming. Get the most out of your Pinterest, Facebook, and Twitter with these tips. Increase your facebook reach, spend less time on Pinterest, and interact more with brands.



1. Enable Rich Pins: Follow these steps to enable rich pins for your site. Not only do they make your pins look more professional, they also prove your link isn’t broken.

2. Use the alt text box in your images to put the description of your post: Not only will this help your pins be found on Pinterest, this will help with your SEO.

3. Make sure your images are brightly lit, aesthetically pleasing, and vertical. Read more about what makes good pictures here.

4. Join group boards with large audiences: This is a little easier said than done. The two best ways I’ve found to get in group boards is fostering relationships with the bloggers and then, some time later, asking to join. Or, going on bloggers within your niche’s Pinterest, scrolling down to their group boards, clicking on them, checking the description, and seeing if they’re accepting new contributors. Typically, they ask that you email them or comment on their most recent pin to join. Just make sure to show them love by repinning some of their content or inviting them to your own group board (if you have one) to pay it back. 🙂

5. Schedule your own content throughout the day every day: If you would prefer not to pay for a scheduling app, use excel or a regular ol’ notebook to write down your content and what boards you want to pin them on. Then re-pin your content onto those boards at a nicely spaced interval. I personally really recommend Tailwind. The main reason I love it so much is that the site saves me an enormous amount of time and greatly helps with my unique monthly visitors. With Tailwind you can schedule your own content as well as your own so that you don’t blow up anyone’s feed and you can even take days off of the social media site and still remain very active on it. I schedule several of my own pins interspersed with others to go out throughout set intervals throughout the day. It is basically like hitting cruise control and still making great time to your destination. If you’d like to access a free Tailwind trial using my affiliate link, please click here.

Bonus: See my basic Pinterest tips here.



To do well on facebook, a page needs a good reach. Anyone who has a business page knows if they post without any sort of plan, though you have hundreds or thousands of viewers, it is only shown to 43. Womp. Womp. Facebook is a medium of entertainment. As such, it only wants to put content into people’s feeds that its algorithms have deemed to be relevant, trending, and/ or entertaining. So you have a choice. You can pay to have your content pushed into people’s newsfeeds, or you can do a few little things to get your reach going so that when you post your own content, it is actually seen.

6. Post on Facebook regularly. I aim for four or more times a day. I know many people worry about spamming their followers. The thing is, with facebook’s algorithms the way they are, I’m hard pressed to believe each post will get to each of my viewers. If you aren’t posting regularly, you aren’t all that relevant and, seemingly, facebook’s algorithm will rank you as so.

7. Follow other pages in your niche and share their trending content. Again, facebook wants to share what is entertaining. Go to your Insights (on desktop), scroll down to the bottom of your page, follow pages within your niche that have a huge following. So, if you’re a financial services page, you may choose to follow the Wallstreet Journal, Money Magazine, and Forbes as well as some financial services pages that are close to you in their own page likes and interaction. Then, in Insights click on these pages regularly. You’ll see their top 10 most popular posts when you do. Share content from their page that you like and that fits with what you do. Then, see your reach soar.

8. Delete what doesn’t do well on your page. When you click your reach on the Pages mobile app or on desktop, you can see how many people’s feeds your post has been shown to, how many people have clicked the link you shared, and how many people interacted with it. If, for instance, my reach isn’t great, but a lot of people have clicked through to the link, I leave it. If it isn’t doing well on any of these measures, however, I delete it. If it’s something I really want to share, then I’ll share it again at another time to see if it gets a better reach. Why delete it? Holly Homer of Kids Activities Blog suggests in her podcasts that facebook’s algorithms will penalize you for content that isn’t generating interaction. If something falls flat, facebook sees it as your page being flat. So, if it isn’t doing well in about an hour’s time, DELETE.

9. DON’T hashtag and be tentative about tagging. Based on all of the research I’ve done, hashtagging + facebook = no good. You may assert, “I use hashtags and my posts do well.” That could be because you’re doing everything else right that you aren’t being hit too hard. But do the research and run a trial and error. Hashtag a post, then don’t and see what happens. In the best of my research, tagging other pages won’t penalize your reach when you’re tagging pages with really high engagement. If you want to take the time to figure out if it’s worth it each and every time, that’s up to you. Since I stopped, my reach has increased 150%.

10. Use the facebook scheduling function instead of any other scheduling app. Though I have never used an independent scheduling app for facebook, the articles about reach state anything outside of facebook’s own scheduling function is no good. To schedule on facebook hit the arrow beside publish, or the three dots under the text box in the pages app.

Bonus: See other tips on increasing your facebook reach here. And how I increased my blog traffic by 240% here.


Get the Most OUt Of Twitter
(I need this help too)

Because my twitter is lacking, I called in the help of a blogger with a wealth of knowledge. Brittany Wright is  self-taught graphic designer with a knack for all things WordPress. She also is a college trained marketing and business tactics consultant. On her blog, Millennial Mom Co, you will find a plethora of information from reviews, parenting posts, and blogging strategy.

11. Set up clicktotweet. Other bloggers, readers, and supporters of your brand can share your content with next-to-no effort. And unlike other share buttons, clicktotweet shares a choice quote or something catchy rather than just your title.

12. Tweet often. Twitter is the Autobahn of social media platforms. The average lifespan (or time a tweet is making impressions) is mere minutes. So make sure you’re keeping up and staying visible. Some experts suggest you tweet at least once an hour.

13. Analyze Twitter analytics. Just like Pinterest and Facebook, Twitter has analaytics. Study them! Find out when your tweets are most popular and use those time slots to promote things like new articles, product sales, and affiliate links.

14. Be authentic. Make genuine connections and relationships. When someone tweets about or to you, thank them, or RT something of theirs.

15. Make lists to make your interactions easier. Thanks Julie from Girl on the Move Blog for this tip. Have bloggers you really admire? Blogger friends you want to support endlessly? Create a list with all of them on it and spend time scrolling through, interacting with, and hearting this content over your newsfeed. The receipients of your love will likely take notice and pay it back to you. Also, if you’re interested in working with big brands, set up a private list with the accounts you want to work with and interact with them often.


Bonus tip. StumbleUpon. When sharing your content on StumbleUpon, make sure to use their set tags rather than not tagging. Using the system organically, stumbling and liking pages, seemingly help what you’ve shared too.


Bonus tip. Instagram. Peruse the most popular hashtags on Instagram and USE THEM. Since doing so, I’ve noticed my interaction increase by 20-30% depending on the photo. Link your posts to twitter, but remember only use a max of two hashtags in the body of your post. Tweets’ visibility decreases by almost 20% with every additional hashtag after two. Put the remaining hashtags in the comment below your photo.


What tips would you add to my list? Please share below! Have questions? Let me know!

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20 thoughts on “Work Less and Get More: 15 + Social Media Tips

  1. Thanks for sharing such great tips! The one thing that’s difficult for me is TIME. haha It’s hard for me to find the time to devote to all the social media stuff. I really like pinterest because it doesn’t seem to take much time to get a good reach. I’m going to have to play around with tagging people on Facebook. I thought it was nice to tag people so they know that I am sharing their content, but I’m sure they’d rather more people see it than to be tagged.

    1. I thought the same about Facebook. Then I was told not to, scoured the Internet, and then asked bloggers with pages ranging from 10k to 200k. The bloggers with bigger the audiences said proceed with caution tagging. I’m with you on Pinterest. I get my greatest yield and do the least amount of work. My go-tos are definitely Facebook and Pinterest.

  2. “Twitter is the Autobahn of social media platforms.” Oh my goodness, that’s an awesome quote – don’t be surprised if I appropriate it! 🙂

    This is a wonderful list, Alana, and you’re dead-on about Pinterest images. I always recommend to clients that if you’re not “good” at photography, a dollar for stock photos pays dividends.

  3. This is very well researched! I’ve saved it as a resource to return to again and again. Thanks! I’m doing a few of these well (affirmation) but need to work on others (motivation).

  4. Thank you so much for these tips! I struggle with social media, it’s so time consuming on top of everything else you need to do for your blog. 🙂 Looking forward to implementing some of these tips!

  5. Such fantastic tips! (And your post reminded me to set up some click-to-tweets on a recent post I wrote.) It’s so easy to get overwhelmed by social media, but if you leverage it correctly it can do wonders without having to spend a ton of time on it.

  6. Love your tips, Alana, especially the one about deleting posts from FB that don’t do well. I think that’s a great idea and I’m going to give it a try. Most of my posts do well…but the odd one tanks 🙂

  7. These are great tips!! The more you figure out social media… The less content you have to pump out. Which is great lol… Makes having to be creative 24/7 a lot more easier when you can space out your creativeness lol…

  8. Love all these tips, Alana! I’m going through and applying each one (that’s applicable) to my platforms as I’m reading–along with your post on 10+ ways to increase Facebook traffic for free. I will say though, as far as the having to schedule through the Facebook scheduling tool, I’ve been reading a lot of articles and studies lately that say that’s not true and that most outside scheduling tools don’t hurt traffic/reach. With the algorithm changing so much though on FB (and with the most recent change), I wonder if there’s been an update or change even now in that? When I find time, I may test it out and see how it personally affects my FB blog page, but as of right now, I only use the FB scheduling anyway.

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