Spring clean with your kids, encourage your kids to clean up and get rid of toys using these great tips. Minimizing toys, donate toys, parenting

Get your Kids to Clean Up & Get Rid of Toys

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Overrun by toys? Find out why you should get rid of most of your children’s toys. Find tips on to get your kids to clean up after the purge is done!   I was scheduling out my blog’s facebook page two nights ago when I came across an article basically suggesting no toys were the […]

Despite my best efforts, we find ourselves overrun by toys from time-to-time. Here are some of my best strategies on organizing and minimizing toys including research on what makes for the best toys.

10 Tips on Minimizing and Organizing Toys

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Christmas was a success. The kids are thrilled with their toys. But you’re left thinking, WHAT am I supposed to do with all of these toys on top of our existing MOUNTAIN that almost morphs into a live all-consuming entity that overtakes the better part of our home? If you’re like me, you may find […]