A strong-willed child is both an incredible gift and an incredible challenge. Namely, getting a strong-willed child to cooperate is no easy feat. Find excellent positive parenting strategies to diminish power struggles and get your strong-willed child to listen and listen well. Parenting from the Heart

How to End Power Struggles with Your Strong-Willed Child

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Strong-willed children are prone to power struggles. They’re outspoken and fiercely determined. As parents, we must encourage cooperation while maintaing their spirited nature. This is how.   Rationalizing with my strong-willed daughter is no easy feat. At all. A perfect example was this weekend.   “I have the best idea of my life!” Her big eyes […]

Kids not listening? These two helpful strategies are great tips on how to get your kids to listen. Great positive parenting strategies for parents with young kids, toddlers, and preschoolers.

Your Kids Will Listen if You do THIS

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It’s so frustrating to repeat ourselves endlessly. These positive parenting strategies work in a way that kids will listen (almost) every time.   “It looks like a beautiful ballroom!” she said. My five-year-old daughter was awestruck. She approached the open restaurant floor and twirled with wonderment. In truth, the bistro was attractive and inviting. So I couldn’t […]

Raising spirited children is involved, dynamic, and difficult. They are also a source of immense pride and have been shown to have greater successes later in life than their non-spirited counterparts. Find incredible resources on how to successfully raise strong-willed kids here.

Insights & Strategies for Raising Strong-Willed Children

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Raising strong-willed children is a demanding process. We can’t just demand compliance because it won’t work. Find positive parenting strategiess below.   Her blood-curdling scream was enough to wake the baby and send chills down my spine.   “I told you to STOP!” she yelled.   I had never heard my daughter speak to me […]

This How Negative Language Impacts Children and Here’s How to Make it Better

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We tend to underestimate how negative language impacts children. Find out why it is a less effective form of discipline and very basic alternatives below.   My three-year-old son can be strong-willed and vocal. But, most of the time, he is open to reason.   That all changed three weeks ago. We had come back from […]

Research has shown time and again that punishment is ineffective when parenting. Find out why punishment doesn't work and what to do instead. These parenting techniques are the best way to raise well behaved, moral children. Authoritarian versus authoritative parenting, developmental psychology, parenting styles, positive parenting tips, gentle parenting strategies, moral reasoning, internal locus of control. Punishment is bad. Why punishment is ineffective. Why punishment doesn't work. Parenting from the Heart, positive parenting strategies

Why Punishment is Ineffective & What to do Instead

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No one wants a spoiled child who doesn’t listen. But research and child experts say punishment is ineffective. Here is what you can do instead.   Most of us were raised by a generation who experienced corporal punishment at home and at school.   For instance, my dad remembers being pulled out of class. (He […]

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5 Tips For Parenting a Strong-Willed, Sensitive Child

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Parenting a strong-willed, sensitive child is challenging. We want to preserve their spirit while effectively parenting them. Find tangible tips here.   My little girl is undoubtedly all of what I could have dreamt up in a child and more. A dynamic, inquisitive, strong-willed, sensitive child, she is anything but placid. In her preschool classroom, she […]