Gorgeous Fall Crafts for kids using leaves

11 Stunning Fall Leaf Crafts You’ll Want to do with Your Kids

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Looking for simple and gorgeous Fall crafts for kids? These kids activities are simple and AWESOME! Many are rooted in play-based learning.   Autumn hits and I get the itch to craft. The audacious colours of Fall are truly inspiring. The only ‘problem’ is that this year, September and October have been incredibly mild. Don’t […]

Promote play-based learning with this fun solar system for kids activity! It comes with a free printable packet as well as bonus materials for more ways to play! Perfect for preschoolers, kindergarteners, or any early childhood educators!

Solar System for Kids Activities Including Free Printables

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These Solar system for kids activities are fun, rooted in play-based learning, and easy to set up! Get a free printable and teach kids about outer space too.   “We’re counting down, “the engine’s on. “The time is now “to rocket. “Rocket. “Rocket.”   As I sat typing at my computer, my kids were seemingly […]

These low or no prep backyard activities use household items, are great for toddlers, preschoolers, and kindergarteners. Great for play-based learning!

Low or No Prep Backyard Activities for Young Kids

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The snow in our area has finally melted. Honestly, it’s as if a massive weight has been lifted off of my shoulders. And it would seem the parents at school drop-off and around our neighbourhood are feeling a whole lot lighter too. The spring in everyone’s step is palpable. While I do love the excitement […]

Promote early literacy and play-based learning with this fishing sight word sensory bin. Perfect for early childhood education, sensory play, developing fine motor skills, hand eye coordination, letter recognition, learning the alphabet and more.

Fishing Sight Word Sensory Bin

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Currently, I’m between a rock and a hard place when it comes to my daughter’s interests, education, and stubbornness. She is very interested in early literacy. She wants to spell, write, and sound words out. However, fine motor skills are not her forte. So, we start off with an activity. I get creative. She gets […]

At the end of the summer, we are left with a lot of broken down chalk. There are sensory play ideas, kids arts and crafts, STEM, STEAM, and so many more perfect for play-based learning.

14 Learning Activities Using Chalk

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Check out there 14 learning activities using chalk including sensory play ideas, kids arts and crafts, and STEAM – perfect for play-based learning.   Summer is over.   And, I have packed most of our summer gear away. It’s at this time of year, I always find myself with the remnants of products in-hand, unsure if I […]

Make coloured pumpkin spice sensory rice and have a whole lot of fun. This is so easy to set up, is so much fun, and is loaded with the benefits of sensory play. Adapt this recipe for any season or time of year. Great for early childhood educators, parents looking for easy kids activities and more.

Pumpkin Spice Sensory Rice

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Since I found pumpkin spice in the bulk section of our grocery store, we have been setting up all sorts of pumpkin spice sensory play ideas. First, we made pumpkin spice cloud dough. And then yesterday, we made pumpkin spice sensory rice. My son LOVED it so much! We also coloured the rice and threw in […]

Cloud dough is a great way to engage in sensory play! Plus it's really easy to make. This coloured cloud dough is also pumpkin scented! It smells amazing and is such a fun sensory experience for toddlers, preschoolers, and all early learners. Great for early childhood education classrooms or at home. Sensory play, play dough, cloud dough, coloured cloud dough, sensory play, learning through play activities.

Pumpkin Scented Coloured Cloud Dough

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When it comes to crafting or kids activities, my all time favourite is anything that involves sensory play.  You see, sensory play is loaded with benefits! Kids learn trial and error, conservation of mass, hypothesis testing, and so much more. Yesterday, my son and I set went to the store to grab a couple of ingredients to […]

Celebrate Finding Dory with this super simple Finding Dory activity. This activity is perfect for a Finding Dory birthday party, for party favours, or just for fun! Create a home for Dory and her friends while engaging your kids in scientific discovery and sensory play!

Super Simple Finding Dory Activity

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To say my family is excited about Finding Dory would be the understatement of the century. My almost three-year-old SCREAMS each time he sees ANYTHING to do with the film. Think about all the merchandise that exists. While my ears can’t always handle his shrill excitement, the big kid in me wants to squeal right […]

Sensory Play Ideas & What is Being Learned

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It was a hot evening in our old neighbourhood.   We were on the 24th floor of an apartment that seemingly soaked up every beam of the afternoon sun. Sweltering my way through making dinner, my just-turned-one-year-old sat underfoot, unsettled.   She never lets me cook alone.   This particular day, however, the heat combined […]