Celebrate Finding Dory with this super simple Finding Dory activity. This activity is perfect for a Finding Dory birthday party, for party favours, or just for fun! Create a home for Dory and her friends while engaging your kids in scientific discovery and sensory play!

Super Simple Finding Dory Activity

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To say my family is excited about Finding Dory would be the understatement of the century. My almost three-year-old SCREAMS each time he sees ANYTHING to do with the film. Think about all the merchandise that exists. While my ears can’t always handle his shrill excitement, the big kid in me wants to squeal right […]

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Social Stories For Parenting Toddlers

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  There is an unexpected rigidity in toddlers that can make the most patient of people want to pull their hair out. Those moments include but are not limited to when their milk is poured into the wrong cup, the socks they always wear suddenly feel “funny,” or they collapse into a wailing mess of […]

8 Tips for Moving Past Potty Training Regression

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If you’re visiting Parenting from the Heart for the first time, click here to see my Readers’ Favourite Posts. Even though it would appear that my sweet girl is very much potty trained, I’m reluctant to shout it from a mountain top. I’m so incredibly proud of how she’s done, but in the course of […]

Let it Snow Play Dough & 4 Other Festive Activities

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To say I’m praying for a white Christmas each year is an understatement. Unfortunately, I reside in the wrong part of Canada to expect one. Though in 2008, it did happen. If ever it snows, it’s often not enough or for long enough for any outdoor fun to happen. So this year, I got creative. […]

15 Tips for Flying with Infants & Toddlers

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It has been a while since I’ve sat down and actually written an article for my blog (the last two posts were recipes). In truth, I just have not had the energy and as such, have been avoiding it as if it was a chore. The reason I’ve had such low energy? Just over a week ago, […]

Indoor Safari Toddler Activity

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One of the aspects of toddlerhood that always gives me a chuckle is how holidays and celebrations do not have a definitive end. Jingle bells remains in my daughters repertoire of songs throughout the year ; we wish people “Happy Birthday” as if it’s almost synonymous with the words “I love you”. And, in the […]