The Undeniable Power of Play

Play-based learning is essential for early childhood learning.


The problem?

Screen-time, organized activities, and a busy schedule has created a poverty of play in children. If you’ve come here interested in having all sorts of activities and strategies for play-based learning at your fingertips, you’ve come to the right place! I’ve teamed up with two other play-based learning advocates to create The Undeniable Power of Play!

Not only did the book become a best-seller on Amazon, it also inspired a community of play-based learning ideas and kids activities.

The Undeniable Power of Play Community

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The Undeniable Power of Play: About the Book

We created this book so parents, educators and childcare providers can learn how to incorporate play-based learning through fun and simple activities. Additionally, it was made so you can promote your play-based learning at home, in your classroom, or with the children you work with.

Why is sensory play so important to childhood? What is being learned during sensory play? Also here are 5 simple, easy sensory play ideas!


Rooted in research, The Undeniable Play is loaded with over 101 activities, tips, and tricks to promote play-based learning at home or in a classroom. No need to worry about going to an expensive craft store or elaborate prep, our tips and activities will show you that common household and pantry items can open up endless learning and fun for your kids!