The Undeniable Power of Play

Play-based learning is essential for early childhood learning. The benefits of play are so vast and rich. As a result, the World Health Organization has recognized it as a right for children and is a worldwide advocate for the importance of play. If you’ve come here interested in having all sorts of activities and strategies for play-based learning at your fingertips, you’ve come to the right place!


If you find you’re you looking for ways to engage your child through play. Or, if you feel overwhelmed by the thought of making play educational. I’ve co-written a book, The Undeniable Power of Play filled with 101+ Tips, Activities, & Play-Based Learning Strategies to Engage Your Child.

The book was created so parents, educators and childcare providers can learn how to incorporate play-based learning through fun and simple activities. Additionally, it was made so you can promote your play-based learning at home, in your classroom, or with the children you work with.

Why is sensory play so important to childhood? What is being learned during sensory play? Also here are 5 simple, easy sensory play ideas!


Rooted in research, The Undeniable Play is loaded with over 101 activities, tips, and tricks to promote play-based learning at home or in a classroom. No need to worry about going to an expensive craft store or elaborate prep, our tips and activities will show you that common household and pantry items can open up endless learning and fun for your kids!

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The Undeniable Power of Play contains research and information on why play is so integral to early child development. It provides a number of activities, including science, sensory play, and arts and crafts, meant to engage your child and help them learn through play. Each activity has modification suggestions for a number of age ranges and additionally has extension activities that can be done as well. It is the ultimate guide to learning through play at home or in the classroom!

1. Science Can Be Simple – Learn how to incorporate science discovery without having to dust of the science books.

2. Get a Feel For Sensory Play – How to create sensory activities that help children develop physically, cognitively, creative linguistically, socially and  emotionally.

3. Awaken Their Creativity – Eliminate the need to be “Pinterest-y” with crafts that are designed to allow your child the freedom to express their creativity and explore at their own pace.

4. Printables, Recipes, & More – Receive all the instructions needed to complete the activities in the book.

What’s more, as you use The Undeniable Power of Play you will learn how to encourage learning through play in all of your children’s activities, even after they have completed all of the activities in the book.  Plus there are bonus activities from each of the bloggers to expand your activities!


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“I was surprised as to how many activities were listed in this book and the diversity of the options. I’m not the most creative person and often times find myself wondering what I should do to occupy my toddler during down time (trying to stay away from too much tv). This book gives me endless options and makes it easy. Step by step directions and a list of items needed at the beginning. For a busy, working Mom, I needed this!”

“This book has so many ideas in it! What a great guide for when the kids are “bored” or you just can’t think of anything new to do. It is perfect for ANY parent, grandparent or caregiver because it has play ideas that don’t take a lot of time for the adult to set but the play can last hours for the kids. Plus, the book encourages playing TOGETHER, something that I feel more parents/adults and children need to do.”

“LOVE LOVE LOVE!!! There are several things I love about this book. First of all I LOVE that each activity offers extensions based on age. As a mom of 2 under 2 I’m always looking for activities that allow both kids to get involved at their own levels. As a teacher I can appreciate the connections they make to Vygotsky’s work in play based learning. This book is easy to read, and filled with great content for all ages!”


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Rooted in research, created to empower you to teach your child, The Undeniable Power of Play is guaranteed to be a lot of fun! Click here to find out more.


Favourite Quotes from the Book

…you needn’t dust off your science textbooks or brush up on your biology cue cards. Our science activities were created with early learners and common household items and easy to access ingredients in mind.


…learning through the sense is considered so important is because both adults and children remember information better when more than one sense is being engaged.


…these crafts are meant to allow your child the freedom to express their creativity and explore at their own pace.

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