When life gets hard, it is easy to fall into a trap of seeing what life is lacking. Here are 8 ways to promote gratitude with a link-up to other bloggers

8 Ways To Promote Gratitude When Life Isn’t Easy

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Sadness creeps in from time-to-time.

Leaving home and moving to Eastern Canada has left me yearning for the mountains, for the pounding, unrelenting rain, for familiarity, family, and friends. I miss the essence of the west coast. Namely, I miss moist air, water, and mountains on the margins of everywhere we went. I miss the trails, the evergreens, and the mild climate.

But the essence of my upbringing was optimism. It was woven into my brothers and me. We were to acknowledge our upset and then find opportunity in our hardship.

And so I find myself in my new town.

It’s cold, flat, and unfamiliar.

But the sun shines every single day.

There are a warmth and genuineness in the people here that is unlike any other town I’ve lived in. The city holds the history of my whole country. And, Autumn here is unlike anything I’ve seen. A city who is otherwise understated becomes ostentatious with the vibrant colours of Fall. It is beautiful. Our home is wonderful. Being raised in a family where a spirit of gratitude was constantly encouraged has been instrumental in my transition. Here are 8 ways I’ve learned to find happiness when I’m feeling lonely have found help promote gratitude.


Simple Ways to Promote Gratitude When Life Isn’t Easy
The news, the election, finances, stressful life events and so much more can make life feel more difficult. While Thanksgiving does evoke feelings of gratitude, it can be difficult to promote gratitude when life isn't easy. Here are 8 simple strategies to feel happier and more grateful when life has got you down.


Start your day off by writing down 3 small wins

 This idea came from Motherhood & Merlot. Simply, she prompted me to start writing down three small things I’m proud of or grateful for every morning. It takes next-to-no time. Sometimes, I can’t help but write down more. It is such a nice start to my day.


Unplug and get present

Social media and my smartphone can make me feel really connected, but they can also make me feel like I’m missing out on events I may otherwise be a part of and, on the best of days, it can make me feel frantic. By eliminating distractions and focusing in on the present moment, I can truly find beauty in what is before me.


Get outside and exercise

Fresh air makes me feel revitalized. Exercising and being exposed to daylight increase serotonin levels. When I’m out for a run, not only do I find I’m able to take in the beauty of nature more than usual, but it also provides a chance to introspect, identify emotions I haven’t fully acknowledged and/ or mentally work through issues I have had.


Say thank-you often

Of course, “Thank you” only should only be said genuinely. When I say thank you and make a point of saying it as frequently as possible, it makes me appreciate the small things more. And, it is such a simple way to promote gratitude.


Fake it till you make it

Faking a smile, though not genuine, actually leads to overall feelings of happiness. Psychological research has demonstrated changes in our facial expressions have an impact on our mood. Read more here.


Discuss your favourite parts of the day at the dinner table

There is nothing that makes me appreciate life more than the perspectives of my children. My daughter’s favourite aspects of her day are heartwarming. My two-year-old son’s can be anywhere from sweet to utterly ridiculous. But we end up laughing either way! This practice ends up being a wonderful way to celebrate their accomplishments in a different way than simply saying, “Good job!”


Participate in a gratitude challenge with your kids

Katie at Views from a Step Stool has a prompt for each day to teach young kids about being thankful in an interactive and play-based way. See it here.


Make this your mantra 

Below is my all-time favourite quote and has such a huge impact on my perceptions when I’m feeling less than grateful.


phonto (4)


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26 thoughts on “8 Ways To Promote Gratitude When Life Isn’t Easy

  1. This is a beautiful idea. It really does feel better when we fill our hearts with gratitude. I like the idea of writing down three things that we are grateful for each morning.

  2. Wow! Just wow! That quote gave me chills at the end! I absolutely love all of these ideas! So practical and relatively easy advice to follow through on! So glad we’re doing this link up! It’s really put things into perspective for me!

  3. This is such a great list! I need to start writing the three small wins every day. So simple, but brilliant! My daughter just recently started thanking people more often. The other day she said, “Thank you for making me dinner mom.” I just melted. This has been such a fun link up already!!

  4. I love this Alana, especially fake it until you make it. It’s been a tough season around here and I find that choosing to be grateful for what I can helps me change me attitude.

    1. Lindsey, I’m sorry to hear life has been hard. This time last year, we were in dire straights, so I understand in my own way. So incredible that you’ve remained grateful in the face of adversity.

  5. Oh I really love all of these tips! I think unplugging really helps. Sometimes social media can really make us feel down. I also love the exercise one. That always makes me feel better. I’ll be happy when I get the okay to start again from my doctor (hopefully this Monday!). Sharing this one.

  6. These are all great tips! I love the dinner time talk. We always do 3 good things each, and why they were good. I think that you have to start them young. It is so easy for them and us to take things for granted.

  7. A lot of great ideas here – thanks for sharing. I’m working on the disconnecting piece. And as for outdoors – I completely agree. I spent two hours in our yard doing leaves this afternoon with my 3-year-old. She had a blast and I feel better for it.

    I’m planning a gratitude post later this month – I’ll bookmark you and link back! Great idea for a blog hop.

  8. I love this!! I say THANK YOU, a lot, and sometimes people act surprised. I’m surprised that they’re surprised, because we *should* say thank you. I love Joanna’s (Motherhood & Merlot) advice.
    I have a weekly linkup/post Thank You Notes 🙂
    I think it’s the best policy to see what’s good in life, big or small. I hope you’ll join me.

    1. Thank you so much for reading! I too love Joanna’s and agree there isn’t such thing as saying thank you too much. I will check out your link-up too!

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