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Why Chalkola Markers Are Our New Favourite Product

Ideas using chalk markers

This post was originally about Chalkola Markers. However, the management team at Chalkola Markers has proved to be highly unreliable. They have left many customers without returned emails and reviewers with compensation. Because the photos have done well on Pinterest, I wanted to leave them as a source of ideas. Moreover, there are many equally as great chalk markers available through amazon. Below you will find my recommended picks as well as some of my family’s uses for washable chalk markers.



I get a lot of requests to review products. A lot. So far, the products I've chosen to work with have been nothing short of great. Chalkola is out ahead of the pack as they have exceeded our expectations. See 7 hacks/ uses with chalk markers here.



7 Uses For Chalkola Ink Chalk Markers


Here are 7 uses for washable chalk markers we’ve come up with:
  • Colour on anything metal (we used them on our stainless steel fridge), counters, windows, mirrors, pumpkins Anything non-porous, they work amazingly well on. However, the company recommends testing the markers on a small surface area first and then removing the markers just to be on the safe side. We’ve had no problems.
  • Practice ABCs
  • Decorate the windows for Halloween
  • Write notes on the counter for my husband
  • Write out a weekly calendar on our fridge 
  • Record my weight loss goals on my bathroom mirror (so I have to see them all the time)
  • For a laundry hack to remind whoever is switching over the laundry not to put certain things in the dryer

7 Uses For Chalkola Ink Chalk Markers


To clean them off of any non-porous surfaces, simply wipe with a baby wipe or damp towel and dry. My three-year-old successfully cleaned three full-sized windows on her own when wanting to start new drawings.


Click the image below to get LOADS of fun ideas using regular chalk

At the end of the summer, we are left with a lot of broken down chalk. There are sensory play ideas, kids arts and crafts, STEM, STEAM, and so many more perfect for play-based learning. Find all sorts of play-based learning ideas using chalk. Such fun, simple ways to engage in sensory play, make play dough, cloud dough, colour shadows and more!



For more fun craft ideas, check out these posts below!

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27 responses to “Why Chalkola Markers Are Our New Favourite Product”

  1. Wow. They look like a fun product. Will add to our wish list.

    1. Thanks so much for reading!

  2. My boys will love these! Writing on our Christmas wish list now. Thanks for sharing.

    1. Thanks for reading! Honestly, they’re awesome!!!

  3. I need these in my life, like yesterday! My kids would LOVE them!

    1. They’re wonderful. We’ve used them soooo much!!!

  4. Looks like a great product and something my kids would love! Pinned!

    1. Thanks so much for sharing, Meredith!

  5. Okay, this post is so full of great information. I love the reminder note on the washer, genius! I also love how you refer to your daughter as a hyena, lol. I have been wanting to get these, we are headed out to get them today!

    1. Lol. Seriously, she was a little nuts with the package! Thanks for reading Deanna ❤️

  6. workingmommagic

    I need these!! I love how you wrote on the dryer with them.. I used to do that with a dry erase but then I think it fell behind the dryer haha

    1. Lol. The same think happened with the chalk marker. I was using a dry erase for some of these same things but honestly the chalk markers are so much better!

  7. kay… i love chalk markers too! i used them at my daughter’s bday party last month (which I soon need to write about) but i didn’t use this brand! may have to check these out!

    1. These are wonderful! So cool you got some for your daughter ?

  8. These look like fun. We’re going to be trying them out too! My kids are so excited!

    1. They’re a FANTASTIC product!

  9. I love all of the creative uses you found for these!!

    1. Thanks so much, Susie!

  10. These look like fun! I especially like the dryer hack! What a great idea for the times I let Evan put stuff in the dryer *shudder*

  11. triciathegoodmama

    Oh I really need to get these!! I have a weakness for art/school supplies. Thanks for sharing. I can’t wait to try them. Oh… I guess my toddler can play with them too haha

    1. I genuinely think you’ll love them!

  12. Wow I need some of these stat! Really great uses for them, super creative!

    1. Thanks so much, Kristen! We’ve loved them!!!

  13. parentingwithhumility2015

    These sound great! I need to try them!!

  14. These look like something both the Kiddies and I could have some fun with! I love the idea of using them to leave notes and reminder…great review and great product!

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